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Bridgeport/Black Rock Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle

February 08, 2020 Erika Portanova Songer & George E. O'Connell Season 1 Episode 1
Her Brains His Looks Real Estate & Lifestyle Podcast
Bridgeport/Black Rock Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle
Black Rock Real Estate Stats
Industry Focus: Pre-Listing Home Inspection?!
Go-To-2 BRYAC & Pious Bird Black Rock
Her Brains His Looks Real Estate & Lifestyle Podcast
Bridgeport/Black Rock Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle
Feb 08, 2020 Season 1 Episode 1
Erika Portanova Songer & George E. O'Connell

This is our premier episode and we are completely stoked.  This week Erika & George feature the Black Rock section of Bridgeport, Connecticut. We highlight the what this awesome section of Bridgeport has to offer on a yearly basis for events and check out 2 great places. BRYAC Black Rock - the areas best raw bar and live music joint. And Pious Bird (of Good Omen) - an eclectic boutique with an wide variety of items from local and statewide artisans. Don't forget to stick around until the end for our picks for area events that you should check out in the coming weeks.  We head to Trumbull in our next episode.

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Our Go-To-2 This Week:
BRYAC Black Rock

Pious Bird Of Good Omen

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This is our premier episode and we are completely stoked.  This week Erika & George feature the Black Rock section of Bridgeport, Connecticut. We highlight the what this awesome section of Bridgeport has to offer on a yearly basis for events and check out 2 great places. BRYAC Black Rock - the areas best raw bar and live music joint. And Pious Bird (of Good Omen) - an eclectic boutique with an wide variety of items from local and statewide artisans. Don't forget to stick around until the end for our picks for area events that you should check out in the coming weeks.  We head to Trumbull in our next episode.

Check Out Our Google Slide Presentation On Black Rock, CT:

Our Go-To-2 This Week:
BRYAC Black Rock

Pious Bird Of Good Omen

Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/HerBrainsHisLooks?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=creatorshare)

Adrian Blackman:   0:02
welcome to her brains, his looks, real estate and lifestyle podcast. This episode features the black rock section of Bridgeport, and it's hosted by two of the smartest and most attractive realtors in the business. Well, at least according to their mothers, ladies and gentlemen, is the brains of the Operation Erika Portanova Songer and the looks George E. O'Connell.  

George E. O'Connell:   0:35
All right, That is quite quite a kn introduction.

Erika Portanova Songer:   0:38
I love it. I think it's perfect for us.

George E. O'Connell:   0:41
All right, So this is her brains. His looks. I am George E. O'Connell.

Erika Portanova Songer:   0:46
And you are the looks, and I am Erika Portanova Songer. And I am the brains. Yes, and kiss. Anyone didn't know that just to be clear,

George E. O'Connell:   0:56
just to be clue

Erika Portanova Songer:   0:57
identified. Rolls. So we're excited about this. That first podcast. Ah, first of many, we hope the format of our podcasts are gonna be We're just, like different town. Each podcast talk about the informations, typically of the town. Real estate wise. Talk about the places to go to visit the cool place events they have on a regular basis. The hot spots, if you will. And then we hope to have guest speakers so anybody want to join us? We'd love to have you, you know, Industry. Of course.

George E. O'Connell:   1:26
Don't forget the the industry focus or the industry guests. Right? They were doing an industry focus.

Erika Portanova Songer:   1:33
Is gonna be home inspections. Good information to know fine or selling. We'll talk about that little bit later. And, um, yeah, then we'll do calendar pics of what's going on in the area. And, ah, we'll have our favorite go to 22 places we select in the area to talk about in detail. So anyway, we hope you enjoy it. We're excited about this, and I think we're ready to start.

George E. O'Connell:   1:59
Yeah, I think the best way to start is kind of describe, you know, what is Black Rock and what happens around Black Rock? Ah, and kind of the areas that make black rock unique. You know, for instance, ST Mary's by the sea. That's probably one of the most popular. Um, it's actually a city park right along the water. It goes between Ash Creek and Black Rock Harbor. That's where you can see everybody walking, biking, running,

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:28
readily scenic. It's gorgeous. Yep. Very full. On summer days. A lot of people,

George E. O'Connell:   2:33
a lot of people and the house is on the sea. Well, are pretty incredible. Will be featuring one of the houses on the sea, while a little bit later in the podcast, um, also a part of Black Rock you can't forget about Captain's Cove Seaport. It's, ah, something that the Williams family has created back in the eighties at Captain's Cove, you got anything from fishing trips on the middle bank, the boardwalk shops.

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:01
Other shops are great ice cream shops, little jewelry and all kill kiosk type shops. They have live music on the weekends. In the summer,

George E. O'Connell:   3:08
at the bar, in the restaurant,

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:09
in the restaurant. It's it's a lot of fun. It's great to be outside. I mean, you're outdoors, you're eating your dancing. Whatever. It's nice

George E. O'Connell:   3:15
and new. As of last year, was escape rooms. So it's kind of Yeah, that's pretty cool.

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:21
Did you try that yet?

George E. O'Connell:   3:22
I have not tried that one yet. I've only done one escape room and I couldn't escape. I was stuck. I just got out last week

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:32
because I'm the brains and that kind of makes sense.

George E. O'Connell:   3:35
You were not in the room with was stuck. You know, the other features in Black Rock is a lot of social clubs. Heritage clubs. There's Fairweather Yacht Club, Black Rock Yacht Club, the SS Norden Club, which is the

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:53
Swedish singing club. That's my heritage to have appreciate that. Thank you.

George E. O'Connell:   3:57
Like you've been clothed on the avenue. There's a few more, but those air the highlighted clubs

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:01
there. Whether you were a Commodore right past Commodore, the Fair Weather Yacht

George E. O'Connell:   4:05
Club wounds watch. We've

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:06
had a bunch of parties there for the greater fair for Board of Realtors. We ever annual Christmas party there and they do a great job.

George E. O'Connell:   4:14
You've been there for a while, right

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:16
there. 34 years now in a row. I think

George E. O'Connell:   4:18
I'm probably in around you guys at least five years.

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:22
Yeah, it's a great place to replace, have parties and entertain and good cooking. There thinks of Ozzy's, too. So

George E. O'Connell:   4:29
yeah, along the avenue is Ah, a ton of cool restaurants. You have anything from seafood? Rob, are you have haven't spoke. You are blind Rhino, too great sports bar. That's relatively new. So food now at the Birdman.

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:47
That's where I've been at some of this to go to, By the way, I've been trying to go

George E. O'Connell:   4:49
and obviously the one that's been there. Probably the longest Taco Loco home. Miguel and his family run awesome joint. There

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:58
has been a long time

George E. O'Connell:   5:00
now. A little insider info. There is the sea Bright beach. It's Little Beach. Also notice right next to the SS Norden Club. It's probably 100 feet wide.

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:12
Can anybody go there? Get the resident?

George E. O'Connell:   5:14
Uh, there is a resident only parking there, but no one really monitors who goes

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:20
Very good. Maybe you could get me there. I wanna get there. Take your car.

George E. O'Connell:   5:23
That's a nifty little spot. But there is a yearly events in Black Rock every year. They have black rock days probably don't have it in one. Those

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:34
rate five K race to for that.

George E. O'Connell:   5:36
Yeah, they have five K race in the morning. The kids walk. That kind of kicks off right before that, followed by the infamous bed races

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:45
I've heard about the Can you please describe to our fabulous listeners what a bed race would look like?

George E. O'Connell:   5:52
Well, that being like a four poster bed on wheels so we'll be lying in the bed

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:58
that's required, right? Somebody has to

George E. O'Connell:   6:00
Has to be in the bed. OK? Usually they're wearing a helmet for a reason. Um and then you have a team pushing you, my God and the team. Who completes the course that fast? It is the winner of the bed race,

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:14
but no alcohol, right?

George E. O'Connell:   6:15
No, that if when you end up at the field after the five k, the kids in the bed races, you end up at Ellsworth Field and on the field, their bands, their food, trucks, they have a beer, truck and line. So it's one of the great events that usually happens in June. I'm now celebrating. I think it will be its fifth year, six year,

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:38
and this year will be, Ah, June 13th

George E. O'Connell:   6:41
will be the

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:42
Black Rock cracked a 45 for the kids and 9 a.m. for the five K start

George E. O'Connell:   6:47
and poor chest is probably on. It is on its fifth year. I would think, um, last year they had 60 plus bands on a neighbor's porches, last from one and P. M. The last bank kicks off its seven kind of ends the event, um, insane. You walk between houses, listen to as many bands is you can.

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:12
So who are these bands of a people that sort of are trying starting out themselves? A lot of the amateur amateur type of the answer.

George E. O'Connell:   7:19
Some houses have Maur, you know, not as seasoned goddamn professionals about a lot of local bands. You know, the how packing gnomes is kind of the favorite and black crack. They always draw an awesome crowd for whatever reports they play. But, uh, that is going to be August 29th this year.

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:40
Okay, At one o'clock start,

George E. O'Connell:   7:42
one o'clock, it goes, and the last band goes off at seven. So every hour, pretty much as you set of bands, um And then there's the farmer's market and

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:53
love the farmer's market.

George E. O'Connell:   7:54
Yeah, that's ah, always a town favorite. Um, it is Saturdays starting in June, and it runs through October. That is next to the field, um, next to ST Anne ST

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:08
Anne's Church. So every town we're gonna see and we'll find has a ah farmers markets become really popular. So those air great, right? Typical. You have homegrown of organic vegetables. Plus, if all the other things they sell crafts and music and whatever

George E. O'Connell:   8:23
kids ice cream cones, they do there. You know the face painting the clowns, balloon animals kind of thing. Yeah. Nice. And the last highlighted thing that black Rock offers is the Black Rock concert series. So from June through August, also in the field next to ST Ann's on Tuesdays from 68 p. M. They have, ah, variety of bands through this summer. That again is well, well, yeah, well attended. And, you know, you can always check the Black Rock Community Council. Ah, website BlackRock si si dot order for those bands or black rock c t dot com For any of them, it's the Black Rock day, the porch fest, Um,

Erika Portanova Songer:   9:06
a lot to do. A lot of outside l A at Dora events, which is nice.

George E. O'Connell:   9:10
Yes. Oh, that's you know, those are the things that make black right kind of unique, you know, not

Erika Portanova Songer:   9:16
a neighborhood e

George E. O'Connell:   9:17
neighborhood E.

Erika Portanova Songer:   9:19
Yeah, it's those have not ever been. Of course, you check it out. Um, a lot of times, just to be clear, Black Rock is a section of Bridgeport. It is actually the in the city of Bridgeport, but is a part of the Bridgeport town in this area of Connecticut. Fairfield County. They have a lot Were very market area driven, her section driven. So a lot of areas of towns are named for You know what section there. And they represent a little differently the lifestyles and within that. So absolutely I'm gonna keep note of All right, So the good real estate statistics we have here for you, um, Georgia spoke about the fun and all these social. I'm gonna talk about some stats here.

George E. O'Connell:   9:57
We'll get back to the farm, and so

Erika Portanova Songer:   9:59
yeah, it's coming later. You get a break.

George E. O'Connell:   10:01
You have to crunch some numbers here and tell you about the rules you

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:05
have to educate. You got your job here. So we had about we're talking about clothes sales the last three years in black roc again, specifically black rock. And we could have focused just on single family homes, Frankly, just to keep it love of a cleaner place for a statistically, um, the stats go. So back in 2017 we have 36 homes that sold back in 2018. We have 33 homes that sold, and in 2019 at 51 homes that sold, um again focusing on single family homes on Lee. So there is a nice movement of inventory here, which is what we like. It reflects a good economy. Um, and if you were to look at a map, I think George is a slide. Yeah, they go so you could see a lot of it's down. Will recall by the water by the ST Mary's side of it. So, um, everyone 30 or post road kind of delineates black rock. It's Fairfield. Fearful death. Thank you. And, um so, you know, we concerns for ST Mary. Side is everything. You know, to the water, cider was the east west. I don't do Director

George E. O'Connell:   11:06
the south, so, you know, side of the avenue

Erika Portanova Songer:   11:09
Georges the sailor hotel. You directions. Um, all right. So average sale prices, which is always interesting cause every town is so unique and how they and where they stand as far as their values for homes. So in 2017 the average sale price was 297,000. Remember, we have 36 houses sold that year 2018 the average sale price a little bit higher 3 72 And that had 33 homes that sold 2019. Average sale price went down, Believer, not 339,000 but we had a lot more homes desolate. 51 homes that sold so

George E. O'Connell:   11:47
more competition, a lot more

Erika Portanova Songer:   11:49
competition. Drove the sale price down. It happens. Um, it happens, but, you know, supply and demand, right? Economy 101 uh, which I did. So

George E. O'Connell:   11:59
what, you love to talk T o n.

Erika Portanova Songer:   12:01
I don't think that is so well and call. No, it was not my strength. Okay, so, um, a lot of people ask, we'll find what we're about. The list of houses. You know, Roath Realtors, Of course. Actively working. You know, we're in a list of house they're gonna ask us, you know, what do you think it'll sell for cause you usual listed at one number and the cells for different number. And that common question is the average percentage of the last list price. And we say last because you may start out with an original Let's price,

George E. O'Connell:   12:28
I'm gonna might increase,

Erika Portanova Songer:   12:30
reduce, readjusted by, you know, a certain number. And then maybe just it 34 times. I mean, you see this prices started, you know, x number and come down 34 times a day, actually clothes or trade that house. So, um, for example, in 2017 remember, 36 home sold, we had 94% sold at there. Ah, list price ratio. So they sold within 94% of the last list price. Good. 2018. A little better percentage there. 98% sold within that within the last list price. And then in 2019 we had 96% sold within that last this price. So, you know, that's the common. We see that a lot of typical in the norm, if you will. We see right? Roughly 95 to 97. 90%

George E. O'Connell:   13:22
of the 19 95 numbers Seems to be kind of the mental ground right there in the infamous square foot price.

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:31
Oh, yes. Yeah,

George E. O'Connell:   13:33
that every much. Yeah, 2018 did come in at 1 97 square foot and in 2019 and came in at 1 74 square foot.

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:48
So it's a common question. We get asked a lot. Um, I find it's someone read of four with Article one day, I decided to ask this question when they're looking for homes, you know, what's the price per square foot, you know, for sale and or sold right opinion, whether looking at cops wise And, um, I personally as me. I can't speak for the other side of this team here. I don't usually gauge that'll be the look. Savita looks a the brains here. I don't usually use it as Ah, no. Weigh heavily on that statistic to gauge, you know, comparatively because I again we're so neighborhood driven in this area that to me, that weighs more so. But it is a stat. It is a line item on an appraisal report, so it is important to look at. But again, I don't weigh too heavily on that.

George E. O'Connell:   14:32
Clients seem to, uh, kind of ask about thes square. You know, it's important for it, whether buyer or so.

Erika Portanova Songer:   14:40
Yeah. No, I agree. Um, so black rock, what they have totaled in volume of sales, this is always kind of fun number that is always such a big number. 2017 member. It's 36 homes. That soul be the total volume of close sales. 10.7 million 2018 a little bit higher, but less home soul to 33 homes sold but 12.3 million and 2019 more Home sold 51 homes, and it was $17.3 million in close sale. So there is money to be spent in Black Rock some good houses here. So I

George E. O'Connell:   15:17
mean, if you consider the jump between 33 51 that gets that really makes up for the you know, they're almost five million.

Erika Portanova Songer:   15:27
Yeah, yeah, no, it's it's it's a good, and that makes sense. So again, I just reflects what I consider to be the consistently with a good economy.

George E. O'Connell:   15:35
Now this is the other number that sellers want to know. This one's a little skewed, but we'll explain that once a year to

Erika Portanova Songer:   15:45
write so average days on market. So the definition of that would be the moment the house was on the market. Live right, live on the MLS and all the Internet sites to when you get an acceptance accepted offer, I accept it contract that is the number of days on the market and then it stops county. However, the skewing is when It's not always marked properly in the MLS by the listing agent. In other words, they don't market that is hasn't accepted offer until maybe two weeks after the fact. For example, so then your numbers, obviously your dates are off a little bit.

George E. O'Connell:   16:17
Or in this case, I have a negative number.

Erika Portanova Songer:   16:20
Yeah, let's not even talk about that. I can't understand how they

George E. O'Connell:   16:24
get it.

Erika Portanova Songer:   16:26
Um, so anyway, so so again is a great stat. Sellers always want to know because they want and just see how they're gonna move in. Their transition for movie is a It's a great question. Ah, the reverses, the buyer, that virus no white houses took so long to sell if there's a problem. So you know, there's interest on both parties for different reasons.

George E. O'Connell:   16:44
So this basically told you it's gonna likely if its prey straight and marketed that what to expect? So somewhere between two and 1/2 to 3 and 1/2 months,

Erika Portanova Songer:   16:55
absolutely so statistically be in Black Rock. 2017 single family homes, average days on market 73 about little more in two months. 2018 we had 77 average days on market In 2019 we had a 108 days on market. Remember Morehouse's lower prices,

George E. O'Connell:   17:14
but this number is a little off. There. Was that negative 19. Remember? That was at the bottom. And there's two houses at the top that were in mid 500 range.

Erika Portanova Songer:   17:25
Myth Meaning? Meaning bit off a year. Yeah, so they definitely skew the numbers. So, you know, you take it for what it is. Um, I just think, you know, going in listening a house You want to have a proper expectations for your own life styles, You know when to just get your move. And,

George E. O'Connell:   17:39
yeah, so if you drop those two bottom numbers, the two top members not a true median, but it brought it down to 94 days,

Erika Portanova Songer:   17:48
and that makes more sense. Okay, which makes sense is getting more inventory to So, um Okay, that was helpful. Uh,

George E. O'Connell:   17:54
it was hopeful.

Erika Portanova Songer:   17:54
Well, they're taking away the ones that have No Hi. You know, a year and 1/2 plus days on. Okay, so we have some special has to be selected, And by that I mean we arbitrarily selected three homes are just baby now.

George E. O'Connell:   18:14
Yeah, So before we get I mean, before we get to that, the special homes, Um, this is just showing you the slide that there's 10 houses interactive. Some of them are the higher priced home. So the average came into about 832,000. There are four homes that are in show status and show status is it

Erika Portanova Songer:   18:40
means assigned and accepted offer.

George E. O'Connell:   18:42
And we have one house that is in deposit at an ever Well, it's not an average. It is a number 125,000

Erika Portanova Songer:   18:51
deposit technically means there's a fully executed contract contracts of proceeds and accept designed offer. Um, so thanks. A summary Georgia had outta were on my side. Sorry,

George E. O'Connell:   19:01
it's I forgot to give you the copy, and that's

Erika Portanova Songer:   19:05
all right. So now we can move on. So now we're don't stats. We could move out to three homes, Have you selected Ah, And by the way, we check our stats the day of a podcast. So they're gonna be miss. Accurate as we possibly can be within 12 hours.

George E. O'Connell:   19:18
Yeah, Something came on if something came on the market at after 10 a.m.

Erika Portanova Songer:   19:23
We're sorry.

George E. O'Connell:   19:25
We miss. I remiss if her on the

Erika Portanova Songer:   19:26
human doing our best. Um, three has to be selected that are currently active and are available on the market today. Ah, first house for 40 Hilltop road. We had an open house today. Actually,

George E. O'Connell:   19:38
they did have an open house. It and this was kind of ah, special house in money high school in college years special. George. This was the Doctor Roach residence. And I was friendly with their daughter and sons. So this was kind of a hangout house in high school and college. Beautiful home. It's on a hill Top cats right across from the chimneys. Currently, it is listed at 549,000

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:09
50. 200 square feet. Scott. Ah, Let's see. Six bedrooms, six baths. A quite a big house.

George E. O'Connell:   20:15
Number two is 37. Thorne place.

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:20
Currently asking price is 6 99 9

George E. O'Connell:   20:23
in this house. Is there some quite a bit of history in this us. It's pretty cool. So, back in the day, this is late 18 hundreds.

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:31
So you weren't alive yet?

George E. O'Connell:   20:33
This is the Victorian error. I look up the air, so Ah Thorne place. Um, so the George Hotel, which was acts or in the same spot that Black Rock Yacht Club was in used to be the George Hotel and 37 Thorne Place was one of the cottages that was involved in the George Hotel.

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:59
The caretaker was,

George E. O'Connell:   21:01
uh, this was actually used for guests. Eso is one of the cottages, so kind of pretty cool history of big

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:09
to ever think of, you know, just for that square feet,

George E. O'Connell:   21:14
I would say it's not a cottage, but it was considered a God George

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:18
Hotel, a foot that's pretty on that. That's that's remarkable to have that kind of history. And if you can't see it, if you're listening or watching. But, um, it's a tutor type style home, so it's really has that. Ah, older look anyway,

George E. O'Connell:   21:29
So you make

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:31
37. How'd I says means

George E. O'Connell:   21:33
in Boulevard

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:34
wants Ames. Eames, 37 teams. Boulevard Ah, currently listed at 8 95 It's about 7500 square feet. So it's big. No seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. I'm four full bath, 3/2. So this house is quite Thea, quite the history as well.

George E. O'Connell:   21:52
Yeah. I mean, this is, you know, there was like three families that were kind of sure. People going to say there's definitely more But it was The pier solves the thorns, obviously, back to the revolutionary days you have the Brewster's. But this was the one of the Pier Saul's statehouses. This was built in 1908

Erika Portanova Songer:   22:14
home address. And, of course, there's a parasol place. The place where a lot of road named after. Yeah,

George E. O'Connell:   22:20
a lot of name absence dressing. So that's ah, definitely cool. Probably huge. Front month. We call it a football on, you know,

Erika Portanova Songer:   22:29
Um, well, you're quite the story. And, George, thank

George E. O'Connell:   22:33
you. Okay. Did something that took some research we

Erika Portanova Songer:   22:36
get. This is your thing. Your

George E. O'Connell:   22:37
thanks. Thio help to the Bridgeport Library And Diana Lorello, who has a colleague. A real estate agent. Um, she has a historic walking tour of black rock. She does that she created on Google. So it is an amazing the job. She's done the pinpoints of the houses in black rock like the pin point of Black Rock Out club showing the old George Hotel.

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:05
So if somebody want to do it, how would they

George E. O'Connell:   23:07
know I would start with Google maps and look up. The Black Rock will be posting. The link to our YouTube channel is well,

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:16
actually, walk You are. It just highlights the points to walk.

George E. O'Connell:   23:19
It's on the Google. Okay, There has been historic walking doors around black Rock. But if you saw how many points of interest she has in her walking towards probably 60 points of injuries

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:31
that George, you can take me for a walk one day. Yes. One thing is very long, right. Well, just my Maris,

George E. O'Connell:   23:36
we'll take our car. E I don't know if walking is going to be my

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:41
all right. So I think it's execute hers.

George E. O'Connell:   23:44
Very Julio.

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:45
Come on. Like the physical challenge. All right, s

George E. O'Connell:   23:48
o, That's the fun loving stats are done. Yes,

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:52
that's it done. But they're important, everybody. So I hope you enjoyed it. OK, let's talk about our industry focus,

George E. O'Connell:   23:57
Industry focus. I

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:58
home and home inspections. So a lot of times, people, um, as you know, home inspections part of your process when he purchased a house. However, it's me crazy. But what about before you list your house before you sell your house? Do an inspection of your own house. What? I know crazy. Think about it. You're proactively getting ahead of any problems and our situations that you weren't aware of.

George E. O'Connell:   24:22
And this would be even if you bought the house within the last 10 years. Things change.

Erika Portanova Songer:   24:28
Change all the time. 10 years, one here. I mean, we all. We all think for savvy and knowledge over knowledgeable of Rohan houses. But there's things just wouldn't know because you're not looking for more, you're just not into with it. So how

George E. O'Connell:   24:39
many times you're on a ladder looking at a roof?

Erika Portanova Songer:   24:42
Yeah, right now, hurry off until it's leaking. So it is a really good suggestion. And it's something that I suggest to my clients is something that I If I were selling my house, I would know I would. D'oh. Um, there is a course of cost to you, but I feel that it's a small cost compared to what it could be down the road. So the key to doing this is you. Before you list that you do an inspection, you find out what the issues are, and you deal with it because you're now proactively handling any problems. The reverse of that would be if the buyer does the inspection and finds any sort of problematic or concerning issues. And now they're reacting to that. Their stress. And there's a motion. So which could have been very solvable, you know,

George E. O'Connell:   25:23
And you know, back my father would say You've got to concentrate on the bigger issues in a home inspection right when I was buying houses and flipping houses. Don't concentrate on the small things. So a lot of those small things you can knock off the list, I think is important, I think, for a home. So

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:42
you're absolutely right, because I find that buyer sometimes get overwhelmed with the volume with a number of things, when in fact a lot of them are probably minor,

George E. O'Connell:   25:50
minor things. You know, we're going to get to the really the highlights, the ones you should be concentrating on. So

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:58
So I think that I think that's the message there. I think it would be very behoove you to do it before you sell your own home. Do inspection, understand? We're dealing with. And you really have two options. One is you fix and repair whatever issues you've dealt, you've been, uh, what's the word? You know? You say you found discovered or you don't do anything and you. But then you have to disclose it, cause now you're aware of whatever problems you did discover. So there's there's two ways to approach it.

George E. O'Connell:   26:24
Well, they would have to be in the disclosure documents if you Either way, if you're yet rather you repaired it or not,

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:31
right? So if you're aware of it and repaired it, either way, you're putting a disclosure, but they'll be happy to see you fix it. But if you're made aware of and don't fix it, that's up to you. You have to have the disclosure. Absolutely. So that is maybe because they're more were sold, as is type of situation.

George E. O'Connell:   26:44
And I think our friend from Fox Business is Ron Win. Who is the, uh, our author of this article would agree that you are a outstanding realtor by recommending you. Thank you. You got it

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:02
right. So that this was a resource Sister Fox business, and this is their their business tip, if you will, is their suggestion is gonna be a smart homeowner. Smart, you know, going into the real estate, you know, situation about to enter, you know, get ahead of it and ah, get in front of problems. Absolutely. All right, So we also Ah, So in typical home inspections, right? See you again. You know, we as realtors always say, and I'm a attorney's daughter. Siwei, say use whoever you'd like. If you want a recommendation, I'm very happy to provide it, cause I don't want you to say Well, you told me to use so and so. And no, I'm always happy to make recommendations. You use who ever you like for your inspection? Of course. Be urged you somebody that you think that you may be done some research on and or has some positive Google reviews. That's up to you.

George E. O'Connell:   27:47
And the rule of thumb, generally of recommendation is give two or three recommendations to your claims.

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:55
Well, yes, it is. Yeah, I think that's that's something is typical. Sometimes honestly, Penny and the request for whomever they're they're requesting. If I have one, I got one. You know, I'm only gonna get people I can vouch for, cause, you know, it has blamed the other day this girl So, uh, the brains of a brilliant so in the inspection process, you know, that. Obviously, the big things right. We talk about structure, we talk about the any infestation. Infestation would be any sort of, you know, any pest normal past that.

George E. O'Connell:   28:25
Starting right off with the best.

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:27
I love the past. My life. I've had bats, I've had it. I

George E. O'Connell:   28:30
want to start with roofs.

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:32
I got a pass for you. Flying, Flying squirrels Flying Squirrels are one of the more difficult things to get rid of, by the way. And they are that it's an issue.

George E. O'Connell:   28:41
Well, the herd to coach

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:42
their heart Thio literally hard to catch. But no flying squirrels are a problem. And they are definitely not one. You want to

George E. O'Connell:   28:49
run around with one of those big men?

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:51
Yes. No, I am all hands on in these inspections. But I am no longer to going up in those addicts and doing no. I'm good. I mean, if I need If I'm needed, Sure, but I'm hoping the other three guys gonna handle it.

George E. O'Connell:   29:02
And generally speaking, during a home inspection, the homeowner, whether it's the cellar or the buyer, would be there.

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:10
So if you're if we're representing the buyer and the homeowner would not be there man for Sorry. Sorry. Pre inspection yet. So top of pre inspection? Yes. The homeowners definitely there because they want to know firsthand about their house. Right? So whether it's that case or your buyer buying a house, you're there. You're home, inspector, And whoever else is brought along with him is going to be there, and they're gonna do. They're gonna look at everything so we'll talk. Big structural. Um, roof, obviously. Any of siding. Ah, they're gonna talk about the end of the outbuildings, if you will. Are the out entry points, the deck, the patios, the porches of sheds, whatnot, garage your basement and your attic, or sources of ventilation and see pidge. So if you have issues where there is lack of ventilation and attic, that's a mold concern. If you have see Pidge and or too much coming into the basement as obviously a water concerns. So these are things that they're gonna look at. They're gonna look at the great of the property. You want your house to be obviously level, and you don't want to be the basin of ah, sort of large hill behind it. I

George E. O'Connell:   30:12
don't know. You don't want to dying right,

Erika Portanova Songer:   30:14
because drainage is a big thing. And, you know, I I like love to quote my inspectors and my guys. And they say things like, You know, 99% of the problem with water in the basements of gutters and leaders. And they're right. So if you have the gutters cleaned every year or twice a year, and you have the leaders, which are the extensions of the gutters rotting away from the house

George E. O'Connell:   30:31
and those little snake things that raft towards the bottom of the leader, leader, voters and the

Erika Portanova Songer:   30:38
leaders, those are the most critical points. And then if that can't be solved, then you deal with your basement water issue. But there's a lot of things you can do ahead of time again. Going back to this pre inspection, you know, it's smart to do these pre inspection. They even if you're not selling your house, here's a crazy thought. Just do one. You know, check out the house I had. She had my inspector look at my house and used to say a couple things I wasn't aware of, either. So rattle perfect. Um, other major things. The mechanicals. Obviously, that's easy. Look at the ages of things. And then you could sort of gauge that, um, there's always an estimated, you know, life spans of things. I've had furnaces, oil fired furnaces are 50 years old. And you know what? They're still go. And

George E. O'Connell:   31:19
you don't care from

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:20
the school of thought that I've always learned or was taught was you keeping the service until dies, but not water heaters. Water. Here's your proactive with right. What

George E. O'Connell:   31:29
always loved is people saying I have a hot water heater. No, you have Ah, water heater

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:35
helpfully. Yeah. So what are you guys want to get out of? That, obviously, is a spiller leak. You don't want to deal with? Um, and the other major systems electrical. You have the plumbing, eso these air. You know, these are the sort of basic core inspection points

George E. O'Connell:   31:48
in the big ticket items inside the house to kitchen. The bathroom's

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:52
right. Good. Again. Cosmetic. Not what we're talking about. Time I function and functionality. And really, for safety and environmental concerns. Those are things that should be brought up in presented to a cellar. But cosmetic is on you

George E. O'Connell:   32:05
now. You saw a enlist. A lot of homes. Where there's wells, there's ledge. There's rock,

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:12
Right? So we're gonna see you additional tests that you're after your typical will. Consider general these words General Home inspection. You would do a raid on test for gas. Ah, the rate on gas. But there's also right on the water. So you would also test the water? Um, a lot of times, inspectors will ask, you know, if it's women, if they're women that are about to enter the hall or by the home, If they're, you know, pregnant and or to be pregnant or their small Children, They have visited my cousin. You know, you might want to see her water quality test. Um, the septic inspection depends. Have a sewage. If you're not sewer your septic, you have a septic inspection. Um, lead paint tests. I have never in my 21 years ever done a test for lead paint. However, every single transaction I have my client science on a disclosure, saying he acknowledges that nobody knows anything about the house in terms of it. There's lead paint and acknowledges he has the right to do a lead paint test. I've never, ever done one, and I must think it's good or bad. I just never have.

George E. O'Connell:   33:13
Now, have you come across this pestis? Is it? How often does it occur so special? It's

Erika Portanova Songer:   33:18
pretty common, and by no means I minimize it. But especially is pretty easy to if it's it in a spot we can get to it. It's some beaver moving ender, professionally encapsulated, encapsulated with a you know, whatever they're gonna use, but it's it's not. It's the one you can't get to it. That's the tricky part, right? Cause this mess is truly dangerous when it's frayed and gets into the air.

George E. O'Connell:   33:39
And a lot of times it's the older heating systems I obviously like

Erika Portanova Songer:   33:43
we have George, you and I have a mutual friend who has that he has a not to name him, but he has a spot was tricky to get Thio, and, um, that's on him. So that's his choice. Um, anyway, so yes, so you know, I think just, you know, knowledge is is important and just do you want to go in fully aware and understanding what you're getting involved in, That's all.

George E. O'Connell:   34:03
All right, so now that you're the buyer, you have your inspect chin or you're about to get inspection, go through the process, okay? And how we get to the inspection process. What happens after the inspection process?

Erika Portanova Songer:   34:18
Sure, so to get to the inspection process. Obviously, we've already We've looked at the house. We love the house. My realtor, representing the buyer, has put forward a contract. The contract's been negotiated in terms of the price of terms, etcetera. So all that stuff is in the contract and fully executed, signed by both the selling party and the buying party. And then you have your opportunity, the moment everything signed to then do your inspections

George E. O'Connell:   34:43
and how often, like now, how soon with the inspection be and not too long.

Erika Portanova Songer:   34:48
So the way I do it and again every realtor is different. There's no right or wrong. I wanna cover my You know what they're saying that, um, each to their own

George E. O'Connell:   34:57
room. What

Erika Portanova Songer:   34:57
I always say is, I always say, within 10 calendar days of the signed contractor signed acceptance of the moment, the signatures. On paper, you have 10 counter days to get it done. However, I do urge my client to do quickly, so there's room for additional evaluations or additional testing. We have time for it.

George E. O'Connell:   35:16
So generally, seven tender, Yeah.

Erika Portanova Songer:   35:17
7 10 days Basically wanted all wrapped up. So we get so once we So we get the inspection scheduled, and then get your inspection. We spend our 34 hours, you know, hanging out of the specter, and ah, it's I'm I'm always present in my inspection. So

George E. O'Connell:   35:32
So now we get the report back, which usually takes one or two days from the inspector. Some of them now walk with ipads and its immediate depending on the inspection. Pretty

Erika Portanova Songer:   35:42
awesome. Yeah, that's the end. By no means we want a rush, inspector, but it's always helpful to have those things right away, because then we can start our negotiations because out of respect for the seller and the listing agent, we want to give them information that supports our request. For example, you know, in the report, if it's written that, um oh, gosh. Ah, that Let's see that we have ah, evidence of a termite, you know, damaged, you know, sill plate or something. Then we can We can extrapolate that section from the especially important support it with our request for, you know, repair credit. Whatever. Um, yeah, You want the inspection report and then you go back and forth with all our requests, and then they make their responses.

George E. O'Connell:   36:20
So there's really two tracks here. You got the tract where things on the inspection report came up and need to be repaired. If there's nothing major that came up and you didn't as the buyer were worried about those smaller items for repair, you just said to contract. That's the point,

Erika Portanova Songer:   36:41
right? And that's that doesn't happen often. Always find there's something. However it does happen sometimes. Yes, you're right. You go right to an additional contract or illegally or an attorney generated contractor. Then you proceed to getting your mortgage and proceed to closing

George E. O'Connell:   36:54
like a condo. By a lot of times, the inspection really comes up with nothing because or nothing of significance.

Erika Portanova Songer:   37:02
Nothing that we usually can't hopefully stomach or handle. So

George E. O'Connell:   37:06
let's go. The negative ro o stuff came out.

Erika Portanova Songer:   37:09
Ideas were challenging,

George E. O'Connell:   37:10
challenging route. Let's go left least according to know that you have the flow chart.

Erika Portanova Songer:   37:17
Yes, let's go left So the repairs needed. So again we I did. I always like to have everything itemized and bullet pointed and ice and emailed to present to the seller of repairs that my client feels that are important to him or her, and not only to present the repair item but present the solution. That's the key. So we don't just throw out these repairs. Report. Represent what we want done. Do you want a credit? Do you want them to actually repair it prior to closing by a licensed contractor? So be very specific. I find that communication in general has be very specific in these happy requests. So the hope is that we go back and forth. We negotiate, everybody's happy. We've settled on what repairs and how the repairs will be addressed once hasn't addressed and completed. That is set to the attorneys, who then drafts an addendum to reflect exactly what we had come to terms on.

George E. O'Connell:   38:08
So the inspection contention see, and that includes the repairs needed in that period is from

Erika Portanova Songer:   38:16
it's It's still the same timeframe, like the 10 10 to 10 days. So if I find that if I can't get our negotiations completed, we're still talking about the inspection come day 10 that I'm going to request in its inspection contingency extension. Just so we know, out of our way, we don't We're not out of our timeline or out of our dates,

George E. O'Connell:   38:37
and it really doesn't mess up. Um, generally speaking, the other timeline dates the mortgage contingency cause that's oh, that's in the background working.

Erika Portanova Songer:   38:46
That's absolutely correct, right? That mortgage is still on and flow closing date, still attainable is just really allowing us more legal time to continue to negotiate. So we're all comfortable

George E. O'Connell:   38:54
negotiating on reporters,

Erika Portanova Songer:   38:56
right? Yeah. And then they Paris just did you done by closing? You don't even done right away. But hopefully you know, very often times we always get to a point of agreement. It's very hard. It's not. More deals happen than not. In my experience, I would be curious what other people think. Other realtors when they're experienced. But feel free to, you know,

George E. O'Connell:   39:15
son of Sir Comma.

Erika Portanova Songer:   39:16
And at the comment, if I don't, I don't know how to tell you how to do

George E. O'Connell:   39:19
that. Freedom Cola, Rico directly or

Erika Portanova Songer:   39:21
feeler. Call me to be happy to chat about it. Hopefully lie. We could figure that part out

George E. O'Connell:   39:27
because we will eventually go absolutely live or strictly live. Where you able to comment during this podcast,

Erika Portanova Songer:   39:36
which would be fantastic. So it's always good to hear other realtors sort of perspective. Other sellers, buyers

George E. O'Connell:   39:41
or but to me,

Erika Portanova Songer:   39:42
opinions and thoughts

George E. O'Connell:   39:44
somebody could be typing in. I had bats in The Belfry. Yeah, the cool thing about the programmer using stream your Artie's. We can send our comments in that to our webcast part of our podcast, so we can acknowledge them as a comment and talk to him on there. But we'll get you know, we'll get there. Hopefully, maybe when we do Trumbull No

Erika Portanova Songer:   40:09
troubles. Our next one. Okay, so I think we've We've covered and explained pretty wealthy inspection process. So, um, I think we're good there. This is charred, by the way, is fantastic. I love what you found.

George E. O'Connell:   40:21
Yeah, Thank you. Good job looks. So we're coming to the part of our podcast, which we call the go to two in each town or city. In this case, the neighborhood we select hopefully one restaurant or coffee type of shop and the boutique nor store. Uh, this week, this episode we have picked Bryan, which will be our restaurant and we have picked a pious bird Gonna start off with Bryant. Bryant is located at 30 74 Fairfield Avenue. It can be found at brian back dot biz on the Internet. It is owned by my Kandra. He is born and raised right here in Black Rock. He's He's never left

Erika Portanova Songer:   41:12
A friend of yours, right?

George E. O'Connell:   41:13
Yeah. Friend of E. I think he just went into college. That's the only time. Roger Roger Williams again. So

Erika Portanova Songer:   41:20
glad he came back.

George E. O'Connell:   41:22
So, uh, Bryant has a lot going on. So they have the week Day happy hour. They have buck a shock for oysters. 50 cent clams, that is weekdays 3 to 7 on Mondays, they have half off the entire rub Our and they also do 50 cent break wings on Mondays. Tuesdays. Incredible half off their entire menu. Um, and that's That's one of their busier nights Wednesday and Thursday. They have lobster roll. Happy hour.

Erika Portanova Songer:   41:54
Let me just interject here for somebody who knows George, lobster rolls are his thing.

George E. O'Connell:   41:59
No mayonnaise. You have mayonnaise Europe,

Erika Portanova Songer:   42:03
but he's obsessed with last year

George E. O'Connell:   42:05
old. So they they have probably a top two hot buttered lobster offer. May includes French fries. That's 12 bucks on Wednesday and Thursdays. Brian is not only renowned for its food, generally speaking, it is seafood. They have the basics burgers, steaks, pastas. But it's, you know, well known for its seafood on Wednesdays, Thursdays I'm sorry. Wednesdays, Fridays through Sunday. They have live music bands. They're also one of the hippest, coolest joints to watch live bands.

Erika Portanova Songer:   42:42
Oh, and I was there for a bachelor party. Bonk Ott If you're listening, I was there for your party a couple years ago where they're having music this week, right?

George E. O'Connell:   42:52
Yeah, music This week. So Wednesday, the January 29th. They had their house band, which is alligator. Thursday, the 30th. They have the gig center Friday, the 31st. They has solar plexus

Erika Portanova Songer:   43:10
you know to do. Ah, honey, weak

George E. O'Connell:   43:11
little Bryan insider like it when it rains or snows. $5 dark and stormy pints I'm in. Even if it's sprinkling five. Really challenging. Even if it's worrying. Five books

Erika Portanova Songer:   43:31
like it. Thanks, Mike.

George E. O'Connell:   43:32
Yeah, thanks. Like so next we have the pious

Erika Portanova Songer:   43:35
pope icebergs, so I just purchased. Now I'm wearing the ring now. Supposed to make me feel emotionally grounded insane and happy.

George E. O'Connell:   43:45
I'll go with ground ground ground. Stick with ground.

Erika Portanova Songer:   43:48
Yes. So I'm wearing the ring. I think it's personally been working. I don't know if George agrees, but, um, anyway, the pious bird is Grace is a boutique store. I desert, we wit who owns it? I don't know if she's a local person. I feel that she might

George E. O'Connell:   44:01
should have moved to a black rose.

Erika Portanova Songer:   44:03
Okay, so she's great. So we had the pleasure of talking with her the other day, and the store has a great stuff. They have Swedish dishcloth. Now I have a Swedish heritage, and if anybody knows that, I make sure I always tell people that they are aware of my Swedish heritage. So for Christmas, I got the nicest gift from my friend and it was Swedish despots. And I have to say, that's the kind of thing is pretty cool because you don't get that kind of stuff around here. So that was pretty awesome, of course. Incredibly high quality.

George E. O'Connell:   44:30
And they could be found up iceberg dot com.

Erika Portanova Songer:   44:34
Oh, yeah. Thank you. Fight? Yes. And the address 29 60 Fairfield Avenue.

George E. O'Connell:   44:39
So how did they get this pious bird name was already told us a pretty cool story

Erika Portanova Songer:   44:45
to tell us a story, Ike. Sort of half heard it, but, um, it's from the from the poem. Oh, Okay. So the poem the rime of the ancient Mariner, right? Yeah. Yeah. Who?

George E. O'Connell:   44:56
Don't be afraid to say, Well,

Erika Portanova Songer:   44:57
I don't know if I'm totally correct of my fax yet, but don't worry. Georgia correct. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Ozone Rich Coleridge. Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote the poem, and it really is about albatross Burger to this poor thing

George E. O'Connell:   45:11

Erika Portanova Songer:   45:11
following you. So he led these sailors out of out of harm's way, and then they ultimately kill him. So but there's somehow there's a pious bird involved in That's right, missed its

George E. O'Connell:   45:21
supply, a spurt of good home, and it was actually never in the poem. It was kind of an author's footnote, which was called the Glasses in the margin of the poem. Okay, so was the pied a spurt of good or not the albatross, the highest good of good omen?

Erika Portanova Songer:   45:39
It's a no. Well, that's and there you have it. That's

George E. O'Connell:   45:41
so tell us about

Erika Portanova Songer:   45:43
So it's an eclectic, curated collection that ranges for vintage furniture and accessories. So we were there. They had a lot of antiques. They had a lot of lot of cold jewelry. A lot of who like, I hope I don't I don't want to do a disservice a desert. But these cool rocks I personally bought one for another. Another emotionally grounding rock that you have seen here Tonto. Totally fine and totally saying Normal. Do not fret, Um, a lot of hand. A lot of crystals. They do events. There they have, let's say, three events coming up on the January 31st day of a class for intruder. Terrel Reading. Um, they have a terrible reading. On February 7th,

George E. O'Connell:   46:22
50 books for it was

Erika Portanova Songer:   46:25
Jolly Russo. Apparently, she's quite well known. I think I need to go to that. Probably. You should try go, too, but that's a whole We'll talk about it later. Okay. February 23rd. Another class offered Intruder. Ray Key. I had Ricky done once. I liked it, Um, but anyways, a class on Ricky might be in

George E. O'Connell:   46:43
terms. What is Ricky? Well, this is one. I had a look.

Erika Portanova Songer:   46:47
It's a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. I can't really speak too much about it, so I had it done years ago. But, um,

George E. O'Connell:   46:55
but that's another clown

Erika Portanova Songer:   46:57
of the class off. February 23rd

George E. O'Connell:   46:59
one oven introduction let you know what the philosophy is behind. Yeah,

Erika Portanova Songer:   47:03
there's a lot of, I think, a lot of self reflection, a lot of emotion, a lot of, um, a lot of holistic, but a lot of spiritual healing themed involvement, I think with the store so but Desert raise great the woman that owns that. She's fabulous, very nice, a lot of really neat stuff. So if you need, like a house gift that a lot of Bridgeport type of guitar correct BlackRock specifically and some Bridgeport in general. And, um, you know, we as realtors always looking for really cool closing gifts now.

George E. O'Connell:   47:32
And she's sources a lot from artisans who live not only in Black Rock but

Erika Portanova Songer:   47:39
general local right. Like I think this going back the sweetest just cause, for example, the It's a family that lives in Greenwich. Call three bluebirds, I think, um, but anyway, yes, that's always nice. When a story tries to support local artisans, so definite check her story out. It's great and guarantee you'll find something that appeals to you. So

George E. O'Connell:   47:57
if you wantto sign up for those events the Internet, Tero, the terror readings or the intro to rigging that is See her website desert. Very wits website at iceberg. That often? Okay, all right. Now we talk about the events going on and around us Not necessarily specifically the Black Rock, but cool things coming up in the next few weeks that you should go check out.

Erika Portanova Songer:   48:24
Right? So despite the fact that is January, February and dead a winner and Connecticut, we've got a lot going on. Um, not my personal favor. Anybody knows me, I love the Beardsley's. Ooh, they already have this event. I have to mention it is that idea.

George E. O'Connell:   48:37
So you're gonna talk about a past of

Erika Portanova Songer:   48:39
a past event, but it's important, you understand the kind of events they have here. Some

George E. O'Connell:   48:43
Christmas was really

Erika Portanova Songer:   48:44
grow right there. There wasn't exactly that, but actually was yesterday the 25th. So they had a birthday party for their two more leopards. Callisto Nori, Oregon. O'Ryan, Callisto. I've met them both. I I go to the zoo a lot more, Aeon, but anyway, they had a birthday party. There yesterday for and like you'd have. Like, I think they have a complimentary birthday cake and

George E. O'Connell:   49:06
threw one years old. It's cool it that. Are you saying there were Woman?

Erika Portanova Songer:   49:11
Have you gone? You should have a go. Good for you to expand. Your horizons are more leopards, the crops. But the zoo does a lot of events. So, um, for all types of ages for kids. So I'm a big fan of the our local beers leases, So check it out. February 1st, the sixties show at the Richfield Playhouse at 8:30 p.m. in Stanford on February 7th, we have B B King Blues band at the Palace Theater.

George E. O'Connell:   49:37
That's cool.

Erika Portanova Songer:   49:38
That's me. Awesome. And then, uh oh. Here. Local in Bridgeport, February 8th and Magic of Broadway. So a bunch of Broadway sort of, I think medleys. Um, Dad, decline where I used to have my dance recitals as a young person many years ago. Hi. Memorial in Bridgeport. Um, February 10th. This I thought was actually really need February 10th at 3 30 at the fair. Fold up carefully. University of having a Japanese tea ceremony. What do you

George E. O'Connell:   50:02
wonder what happens Besides red drinking.

Erika Portanova Songer:   50:05
I don't know what it's a whole, you know, It's

George E. O'Connell:   50:07
a ceremony in the names,

Erika Portanova Songer:   50:10
I mean, but it's like I don't know that you should go. It's probably very different.

George E. O'Connell:   50:14
Quiet. I had to sit on the ground. All members will

Erika Portanova Songer:   50:17
never get up, so you should probably not attended. I all attended for us and get back to you.

George E. O'Connell:   50:23
So over at the Chelsea Piers in Stanford on January 17th E. Of the Home Show checked that out. You also have coming up in the the AM sorry at the Webster Bank Arena, the Harlem Globetrotters on February 21st and kind of a shot out back to Brian back would be February 22nd breaks annual Louisiana cross oil. So check out the Facebook page of Brian Back, Brian Black Rock on Visible or Brian back that biz and we'll post the Internet

Erika Portanova Songer:   51:05
post these events to on our site, right?

George E. O'Connell:   51:07
Yeah, we'll put a Georgia post Well, the events and the the links 10 of the events on our ah YouTube page and over at our Facebook at her brains. His looks page on Facebook. So what? L said, that's it for the events going on Will be S o next week. We're heading over to up the mountain.

Erika Portanova Songer:   51:32
Yep, onto the country going to Trumbull. So we're gonna focus on Trumbull and feature trouble on some of the school wins. It offers

George E. O'Connell:   51:40
one from my tone to your top.

Erika Portanova Songer:   51:42
That's exactly right. Don't help where we live. It's bee private.

George E. O'Connell:   51:45
I lived in black Trumbull.

Erika Portanova Songer:   51:50
Yeah. So next time we'll be in trouble. Um, we are excited about this podcast. Do a different town every time, and we welcome input. Welcome, guests. Welcome feedback.

George E. O'Connell:   52:01
The flow will get more flowy. Got a little nerves going. I feel fantastic. So dinner's basically well, technology's

Erika Portanova Songer:   52:11
Oh, yeah, I have seems to I don't help George at all. Let's just be clear, though. I literally don't do any. The technology

George E. O'Connell:   52:18
got a lot to do. And I know you Just look

Erika Portanova Songer:   52:21
at you talk. My job is great. Um, all right, so George and I both work here. William to Sotheby's in Southport. We are full time realtors. Just f y I who we are as people. Um but we welcome again any feedback and input. What's her email address? So I know her brains, His looks at gmail dot com Feel free to email us. I have a phone number two, don't we?

George E. O'Connell:   52:42
We dio

Erika Portanova Songer:   52:43
Is it working?

George E. O'Connell:   52:44
It's in the coming online mode.

Erika Portanova Songer:   52:48
Okay. Doesn't work

George E. O'Connell:   52:49
because you were supposed to write it down and actually numbers. Okay, 4141534 Hit the call us button on our Facebook page. We also can be found on Instagram and Twitter at her brains is Looks

Erika Portanova Songer:   53:06
all right. So I think

George E. O'Connell:   53:07
guys and gentlemen, that is a wrap for Episode one. Our feature BlackRock, Connecticut. I am Georgie Okano and looks

Erika Portanova Songer:   53:17
I am a Rica. Portanova Songer the brains.

George E. O'Connell:   53:20
Thank God it didn't have to see her. And the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the podcast host and their guests are there's solely information shared has been professionally sourced and disseminated through the resources provided by the sponsoring real estate brokerage on the burial estate experiences. Thank you, Adrian Blackman of four. Our intro and our disclaimer. We appreciate it. Everyone have a great week. See you next week. Goodbye.

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