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Trumbull Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle

February 10, 2020 Erika Portanova Songer & George E. O'Connell Season 1 Episode 2
Her Brains His Looks Real Estate & Lifestyle Podcast
Trumbull Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle
Trumbull Real Estate Stats
Industry Focus: ROI On Simple Home Upgrades
Go-To-2: Pure Poetry & Italian Corner Deli By Massimo
Her Brains His Looks Real Estate & Lifestyle Podcast
Trumbull Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle
Feb 10, 2020 Season 1 Episode 2
Erika Portanova Songer & George E. O'Connell

This week Erika & George check out the real estate market in Trumbull, CT. Trumbull has been pretty consistent over the past 2 years.  We head to a great shop on Madison Avenue - Pure Poetry and eat some awesome food at Italian Corner Deli By Massimo on Main Street in our Go-To-2. We head to Easton, CT in our next episode.

Check Out Our Google Slides Presentation On Trumbull, CT.

Our Go-To-2 This Week:
Pure Poetry

Italian Corner Deli By Massimo:

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This week Erika & George check out the real estate market in Trumbull, CT. Trumbull has been pretty consistent over the past 2 years.  We head to a great shop on Madison Avenue - Pure Poetry and eat some awesome food at Italian Corner Deli By Massimo on Main Street in our Go-To-2. We head to Easton, CT in our next episode.

Check Out Our Google Slides Presentation On Trumbull, CT.

Our Go-To-2 This Week:
Pure Poetry

Italian Corner Deli By Massimo:

Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/HerBrainsHisLooks?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=creatorshare)

Adrian Blackman:   0:05
welcome to her brains, his looks, real estate and lifestyle podcast. This episode features the town of trouble, and it's hosted by two of the smartest and most attractive realtors in the business. Well, according to their mothers, he's and gentlemen, here's the brains off the operation. Erika Portanova Songer and the looks George E O'Connell.  

George E. O'Connell:   0:36
Well, well, take two. Is these practice makes practice Makes perfect. Yeah, a little audio is run. The last one We were getting the audio off our web Kemah camera instead of her. Mike's

Erika Portanova Songer:   0:51
bottom line did not sound good, but here

George E. O'Connell:   0:53
we did not have no problem. Yes. Alright, here we are. This is Episode two We're featuring the town of Trumbull

Erika Portanova Songer:   1:02
where I'm born and raised and currently live.

George E. O'Connell:   1:04
And who are you again?

Erika Portanova Songer:   1:05
Oh, Erika Portanova Songer. I am the brains of the operation.

George E. O'Connell:   1:12
I am George E. O'Connell. I am obviously the looks of the Irish and we are realtors for William Pitt. Sotheby's out of the brokerage in Southport Harbor. And

Erika Portanova Songer:   1:27
we work all over Connecticut primarily in New Haven, fearful counties and we are both full time real tours so the podcasts are about to start is going to feature Trumbull like George said. And our podcasts are structure to be real estate and lifestyle, Like, I think that we are expert a little bit on both areas and hopefully weaken Crease, um, good entertainment for you. And maybe some knowledge you can take

George E. O'Connell:   1:49
away drop some knowledge. So why don't we start with, uh, you know, Trumbull and little history of some things that you have chosen for? Yes. Okay. So trouble seems

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:01
have taken on an athletic or sports theme, which is, you know, George's passion. If you know George anyway, a couple things and trembles Known for the 1989 Little League world champions as a kid, I remember them there had, ah, like a sign on the Merritt Parkway. Was it kids? Adults on the Merritt Parkway? There was an exit sign. Barmaid Exit, Exit 48. I'm saying that Trump will be the home of the 1989 little legal champions, so we are known for that. Some of the key players you mention the names George.

George E. O'Connell:   2:34
Some of the key players, friends of ours from the Colony Grill is Paul Coniglio. Chris Drury. You have Kenny Martin and Cody Lee. They run the Colony izza. I think they're the fiver speak shop. Yeah.

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:49
Um, no. Chris, also the trainer or

George E. O'Connell:   2:52
his head coach, I believe of the U. S. National team. Okay, so,

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:57
hockey hockey? Yeah. Okay. Another interesting point of trouble in a more recent sports fun fact is Bridgeport, Connecticut, native, Elissa Nature, Nike, ER, member of the U S. Women's national soccer team. She attended Kristen hair, just heritage school in Trumbull, and she graduated 2006 but she was a member of the 2019 Women's World Cup champions, their fourth title. Ah, they competed there one of 24 international teams and, um, against our fourth title for the US to win. That's pretty cool. And ah, the F I f a FIFA from It's an international soccer competition. Um, which is just made up of all senior and national teams of the, um of the organization. So critical. Okay, A passion of mine. If anybody

George E. O'Connell:   3:50
here and you're too Aretha's heart.

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:52
Yes. None of nothing. Which George could possibly relate.

George E. O'Connell:   3:55
Thio, there's no Clydesdales there. Don't know you, George.

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:59
Yeah. Here, George is six foot seven. For those who don't know,

George E. O'Connell:   4:02
I get a new key and everyone knows that. Okay, so try. Would you. So

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:09
I have ah, read in my whole life and I returned to horseback riding about after a 12 year hiatus. And I ride now at Chester Hill Farm. So big shot out. Chester Health Farm is the nickel section of Trumbull. It's owned and managed by Stephanie and Elke Bargas. So shut out to those girls who went to school with years ago, and it's great. I enjoy I ride there. My daughter takes lessons. They're they're great for beginners, whatever level you are. Um, you want to take riding lessons here and there? He wants a summer camps. Have a great summer riding camp.

George E. O'Connell:   4:41
Is boarding mirrors?

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:42
Do they were horses there? They privately bore. They have horses and ponies. Future lesson on Ah, there. 28. Her site. So it's a good place arrived.

George E. O'Connell:   4:50
And the two little horses in the macro. Your horse

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:54
Now, um, I ride one of their horses. Thank you. Stephanie Vargas. But, um, yeah, it's a great place to ride, and it's It's a nice, nice to be local in town.

George E. O'Connell:   5:02
Uh, Indian Ledge Park. There is a Trumbull BMX started in the 19 eighties. 82 Possibly it's run by Chris combos. Guesses title might be the director awesome program for, you know, boys and the girls, not only in Trumbull in surrounding towns as well, the only one that I know that's, you know, in the county that I don't believe currently, though, ah, they're going to need some funds for some track upgrades, some safety upgrades on the track as well. Some amenities for the, you know, the youth that actually used the tracks. Chris has set up a go fund me page willing to it both in our Facebook page and on our, um, YouTube page. But our Facebook and her brains his looks you confined the go fund me page there. I also have Chris compasses contact information feel like to make a donation. It's well worth it. They do a fantastic program that again,

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:03
the the offer program, the office man that no one else offers and the goals to raise what, $75,000. 70 for two. Yeah. So, uh, you know, if anybody can contribute a little bit, goes a long

George E. O'Connell:   6:14
way. Oh, yeah, These are the trails that are usually Oh, yeah, we'll see during running.

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:18
Yeah, George is a competitive runner. So I, uh this is my favorite when I favorite features of not the most favorite feature in true crumble is are fantastic trails that we have, um, the Housatonic rail trails. They extend, you know, miles up miles below they There's a nice 17 mile ish trail. And if I fax or wrong, forgive me. Ah, the new leg of it was, I think, opened up a year ago down and fiercely Park area bears the zoo area. We could start from there and take the trail really all the way up, too, including New Town, which I think gives you 17 or 20 miles if you're trying for distance or training for a marathon. So, um, my biggest legs, probably 15 miles.

George E. O'Connell:   6:58
Rather flat trails for running out. No,

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:01
it's It's flat. They're great. Um, they're most our trail, you know, dirt trails, summer pay, but most is dirty. It's great, it's and a lot of people frequent these trails. They allow leashed dogs. They do not allow motorized. You know, quads and dirt bikes So you he tended cater to the more serious runners bikers, walkers and a lot of families walking, you know, with kids. And it's nice. Um, and also we have Ah, really well known biking trails for various levels. Both beginner, intermediate or beginner, Intermediate and advanced. Found biking. Sorry, Mountain, Like not nothing that I do. I don't think you do that either.

George E. O'Connell:   7:37
I guess I just have a beach cruiser. Yeah, No gears

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:44
navigating like, you know, Hilda lies scary things. You're just going old school. I emphasize

George E. O'Connell:   7:50
away my music, my dog and the little trailer.

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:54
Apparently my my brother in law apparently has said that where I guess we're known for our biking trails and apparently quite good. Also bringing people in from other areas into our Trumbull biking trail. So you can access those through Indian Alleged park is, which is the same site that you confined? Um, the BMX racetracks and, um, some other playgrounds that area up there. And

George E. O'Connell:   8:16
that's not like a park where there's any admission. Some restrictions for Tom. Now, you've got

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:22
to be careful because the partly do look for parking stickers, you gotta be trouble. Residents there would be little careful that

George E. O'Connell:   8:27
so for the beer, No chicks. DMX is different,

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:30
right? But if you're gonna utilize the trails and yet be little the little, uh, strict on that, sometimes to be careful on that, but

George E. O'Connell:   8:36
all right, that's kind of a snapshot of, ah, things you can do around Trumbull. And, of course, we have to head over to kind of the stuff are in need of our bag, which is, you know, telling, informing, you know, the people of the Realtor. Real estate Stats of Trumbull.

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:56
Yes. Okay, so art market's been strong and consistent the last two years. We're gonna focus on single family homes only. Not condos, single family. And in trouble, of course, only. So we're focusing on last two full calendar years, which would be forced to 1018 2019. In 2018 we have 465 sales and 2019 slightly more 481 homes. It's sold. Ah, you'll see the map here. A fairly spread out robbed town of these homes are present. The homes that actually closed.

George E. O'Connell:   9:27
Yeah, it's it's evenly distributed. That's pretty remarkable. The home's kind of every looking tiny of Trumbull. They're selling,

Erika Portanova Songer:   9:36
which is nice. That's what that shows is. Tthe e Um, the breath of the price points, the diversity of price points and that all price points have had activity, which is what you want to see. You never wanna get funneled into one price point on Lee. That's how you know economy veils. Um, our average sale price of single family homes in 2018 was 406,000 member, that was 465 units sold, average sale price being 406,000 and 2019. It was the same price. 406,000 sale price. Remember, that was 481 units that traded. So again, you're just showing consistency, which is a positive.

George E. O'Connell:   10:16
Actually, it's remarkable that 406 we have lots of styles

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:21
and a lot of movement. A lot of inventory moves in trouble, which is a good thing. Also, you wonder loans. That's pretty work now. It's good. We like that. We'd like to see the economy, you know, constantly. Ah, a steady, steady note for the for the years days on market.

George E. O'Connell:   10:38
Everyone is always a little bit

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:41
confusing. So technically, the average days on market defines as the moment you list the house is to the moment you get an accepted assigned offer and or fully extended contract. So while we all try our best to keep our information and our data correct, sometimes is pending the listing agent. If they should change the date of the acceptance or of the offer or contract and they should be a little late and changing the davits skewed by a week or two, obviously that be incorrect. So just understand. It's something we use is a gauge. Um, but, you know, we have the source our information, the best we can

George E. O'Connell:   11:17
due to the inventory. Generally, the number went up a little bit to do the kind of the slow start to the 2019. You know how selling I was trading writing up basically 20

Erika Portanova Songer:   11:31
right. So into 2018 we had 57 days on market average and 2019 we had an average of 75 days on market. Um, and this is an important data point because a lot of sellers are gonna ask when you're about to lose their house. How long will it take for me to sell my house? Aye, so they haven't understanding what's expected. Beast. They can make a plan for the next move. Eso It's important, Understand? You know roughly what to expect both from the cellar standpoint as well as the listing. Um, expectation. So again, 57 days in 2018 and 25 average in 2019. All right,

George E. O'Connell:   12:06
Another quite even number showing the, you know, steady trouble. Real state seems to be

Erika Portanova Songer:   12:13
right. So we always again a popular question to ask from a seller and in a very appropriate question is what can I expect my houses sell for? We like to always say, Well, of course, full ask price was 100%. However, that doesn't always happen. The consistency seems to be about 97%. Um, it's gonna be your sale toe last list price ratio. So we say last list because you have an original list price and sometimes to make a price adjustments, you know, one or two. So the last list price is reflective of that data point.

George E. O'Connell:   12:44
And could that be adjusted through negotiations from the inspections

Erika Portanova Songer:   12:49
sure. Uh, the sale price. Yeah. Sale price could be. So, um, recorded supers? Yes, absolutely. So So this again is roughly 97% of your list Price is what you're gonna expect to sell it up. And that's been consistent both in 2018. In 2019

George E. O'Connell:   13:05
the big numbers

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:07
of the big numbers. So total volume in dollar amount for the houses that is sold. So 465 units in 2018 and 481 units in 2019 on, she says, 18 was 189 million and in 2019 of $195 million worth of volume of houses sold. So, you know, we've got some good stuff here to sell.

George E. O'Connell:   13:33
A lot of only I mean a lot of volume yet, and we have what's active. What is in the show status. The deposit status 137 units total. And what do we have for active?

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:49
You have 83 currently active on market single family homes, and we have 28 of those homes. But see me 20 additional homes have accepted assigned offers and 26 additional homes have accepted, assigned or fully executed contract. So we have inventory. We've got things that I've sold. These are all good good signs of a good market. So it keeps happening this spring,

George E. O'Connell:   14:11
all right. And next we kind of go into our industry focus. We're going to focus this week on things you can do to make your house more presentable for a no selling of your property. Small things. Really. Um, and then we'll talk about the bigger items in the second part of our industry Focus. But, you know, small things. Uh, Rico, why don't you go ahead and speak to these four over

Erika Portanova Songer:   14:42
present ability and sal ability? Right. So we have four small points that you can make that you could do that I think would make a nice, better impression. Um, door knobs replacing the door knobs, the old door knobs. They tend to get the brass, gets discolored or gets chipped, as you know, is used everyone away. What?

George E. O'Connell:   14:59
Bigger? Wobbly, wobbly. They don't work. It was some looked how comedy has

Erika Portanova Songer:   15:03
I've had that Well, don't have a front door key and or never had one ever. And I was like, But you need to have one because you want people to enter in through the front door. So I've had a lot of time for a list of house for somebody. They have to actually get a front door key for a new front door lock

George E. O'Connell:   15:19
or a key that's actually worth Echo is trying to show the home you have to pull it out a little bit with gold,

Erika Portanova Songer:   15:25
and then they're not fun. I always say to my client, Please check your copy of the key again before you hand it over.

George E. O'Connell:   15:30
A lot of times it is just the locker room, the old days old.

Erika Portanova Songer:   15:34
So planes indoor. One abs door knobs goes a long way. Driveways. They tend to have a lot of cracks from settling, which is normal instead of digging it up to replace the entire driveway. That's a lot of money. Um, just seal. It is not a lot and shows really well. Or was that thing you were saying? Just word in

George E. O'Connell:   15:50
the ER if you, you know, like crack filler for the cracks in the driveway. If it's an asphalt, try V, it's just a I got one bottle. You squeeze you the companies that come out and do your black topping your ceiling of your driveway. They're reasonable, and it's quite an impression. You know, we talk about looking having the, you know, curb appeal of your house. That's a major part of your curb. Appeal is not only the landscaping, it is your drug,

Erika Portanova Songer:   16:17
right? Utilitarian areas. And then, if you're like my neighbor, his name not be mentioned. Exciting it permission. He likes to kill all the weeds and the cracks. Not only his driving, but also in the road,

George E. O'Connell:   16:27
I think. Discussion. Yeah, I have a flamethrower for that state is over, but no, it's just like one of those dangerous. You hook it up to you, but but it's it's not using the chemicals

Erika Portanova Songer:   16:40
and the flavor. You mean like, it's true leaf

George E. O'Connell:   16:42
torch, but it's not using chemicals, so I tend to use the torture. All right. Okay.

Erika Portanova Songer:   16:47
The chemicals, I think the flame thing. I think maybe you should stay away from Wow, I don't know what that, um, bathroom makeovers. Every time you sell a house and or present a house, you wanna have the bathroom's the other show, as well as I can order an ideal world to be updated, so you make do makeovers where you can. If you can't afford to a whole makeover, you change the hardware. You change the fixer, you change the vanity. You know, get some great vanity slapped like a nice marble slab for older vanity. Paint the cabinets small things will like This will make a

George E. O'Connell:   17:16
difference in your home improvement stores. They're pretty assembled. Do just drop. Attach your plumbing. It's It's really almost any homeowner can do. Um, but, you know, new ca mod in there. It's always a great idea

Erika Portanova Songer:   17:30
or a handyman type of job. It doesn't have to be a big job. It couldn't be something very attainable and very economical.

George E. O'Connell:   17:36
You go on about it. He installs

Erika Portanova Songer:   17:39
kitchen again. If you can't do a whole kitchen rental that it's OK, Make that make the changes. You cam. It's It's in your budget. Repairing or replacing the kitchen faucets, kitchen fixtures, the hardware. These are small things that you could do that you could go a long way. So, um, you know, again there's things you can do it. It could be very budget friendly and very, uh, economical.

George E. O'Connell:   17:59
Yeah, Live the next items are kind of items that our takes a little bit more cost up to 24. Bigger commitment. But these are things you know you're gonna want for your living. And you know why you're spending the money. You're going to realize that you're going to get a value out of doing this, you know, And this house call has listed, um, in order of your return on investment, the number one return on the investment was manufactured stone veneer. That's at the bottom third of your house. Kind of put a curtain around your house. Some people do the entrance way as well. Little stonework. Um, so an average cost of that is about $9000. You're getting about 8900 back in value, but your return on your investment, maybe you're not selling it. Maybe you're selling thinking of selling When your kid gets out of high school in four or five years, you're looking at a 96% return on your investment,

Erika Portanova Songer:   19:06
right? And I think it goes back to curb appeal, which I think you're you're gonna touch on, too. So, um, and he's a great

George E. O'Connell:   19:12
Yeah, the top 10. If you look at him in the slider when you download this slide later, which will be available on our website and our in our live podcasting sites YouTube and Facebook, the top 10 9 of armor Kerber, deal

Erika Portanova Songer:   19:27
right is remember, you have to get the hat, that person into the door. I always sell. Tell my clients you've got to sell the house three times. First time you to sell it online. You gotta like what they see from the pictures. So it's gonna have a really good photographer. Ah, second is you have to actually sell the actual buyer and third cell to the appraiser has gotta praise. So you have to You got to get him in the door, get him, Get off the street, Coming to the door.

George E. O'Connell:   19:49
And the importance of the appraiser part is kind of important on the r. O. I hear he's gonna recognize these items there. It's a list of about 20 or 30. These are the ones that the appraiser will really see the value on what you've done. Ah, just a couple more to highlight here. The garage door replacement. Everyone you know, if you get a good garage door. Really? It's a big part of your curb. A deal. It's wide enough

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:17
for the house break visual part of

George E. O'Connell:   20:18
the house. Stand out. Generally, 1/3 of the frontage of your

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:22
Yeah, that's a good point.

George E. O'Connell:   20:23
Um, easy ones. The front door. Good. You know whether a lot of doors seem to be salad. Get a nice wood door, maybe with some glass in their sidelights. But those air the you know, the front door is coming in at think teen 100 bucks or something, and you're not getting a huge return on investment. According to this article, just think about your career.

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:48
Ever feel and the appearance and again, first impressions are critical.

George E. O'Connell:   20:52
We've added another slide. Kind of reiterating our list from previous. One says George is obsessive charts data driven, go.

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:01
He anything? Chart.

George E. O'Connell:   21:03
So who's the reins of government? What? Well,

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:05
I am the brains. I just

George E. O'Connell:   21:07
assist you. But you are definitely the brains are carefully looks. Absolutely, absolutely, um s. So we're done with our industry focus? We now feature one of the houses that we have in Trumbull. We were doing three houses. We know our pod gas went a little long last time. So we're gonna focus on one house and from I

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:29
say one thing, though, of course, about going back to the home improvement. Um, just to point out that, you know, utilize us, too, as a resource for just for questions and answers. In other words, if you're thinking, listen your house in three years but you're thinking of doing this improvement now, that's it. You can call Realtors in like George and myself and ask his questions like you think it's worth it to do this project now that when I sell it in three years or five years, you know, I have a lot of clients of working with and talking to for years who ultimately sell it at that five year mark. So you don't like this has your resource for your consultants, if you will.

George E. O'Connell:   22:01
All right. So should I put in a bull? No. Well,

Erika Portanova Songer:   22:06
okay. Wow, that's a hard

George E. O'Connell:   22:07
question. You can't see that from the street. What? I tell you what.

Erika Portanova Songer:   22:11
Poole's pools are as great as if the buyer wants it simple. They don't add value track value. They are what they're the even out

George E. O'Connell:   22:18
you gotta want it. You gotta be able to maintain a todo

Erika Portanova Songer:   22:21
eso anyway. But going back. But, you know, we're not only it's a consultation. Effect is a consultation. Business weren't as well. So utilize this for that. Okay, We'll move on. Um, the featured as George was saying, the featured single family trouble home. This podcast is going to be, Ah, 3000 Nichols Avenue in Trumbull. It happens being one of my listings, but I was very proud to feature it

George E. O'Connell:   22:44
tonight. All somebody is an awesome

Erika Portanova Songer:   22:45
house. Thank you. And this house is unique because it's on two plus acres not subdivide herbal and set way back from the road. Nice. Long dry waits, very private, surrounded by mature plants and trees and woods. Us. You really have a privacy factor going on. But the house itself is pretty cool. It was used to be the summer home to Will gear. Who played Grandpa on The Waltons and his mistress

George E. O'Connell:   23:11
were credible on the Walton. Yeah, yeah,

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:15
pretty cool, right? Pretty cool. You were probably like around.

George E. O'Connell:   23:20
You think Bobby Joe Mary, you were one of the other one. I don't know. It wasn't like there was, But I was confused that with little house on the purse,

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:33
please. All right, So Grandpa on the Waltons, his name was is there was Will Gear and his mistress was Irma Gore. So this is the house that they summered in together. And they was known as the gear Score Gardens, Time year, Gore, gardens, gardens will gears Education was in Bonnie, so he had a passion for plantings and landscape and his overall beautification. Naturally so Ah, there he was known for the gardens that he would display in the summer months. So I met a lot of parties there. He was apparently very visual in the local Fourth of July parties in Trumbull, back and never talking back in the 19 forties, 19 fifties, 19 sixties. So Ah, he also has a very active actor at our Shakespeare theater in Stratfor, which, unfortunately says has burned down. But he was there a lot, particularly because also because he apparently also aligned with the Communist Party. So he was a longer getting active.

George E. O'Connell:   24:33
He was

Erika Portanova Songer:   24:33
a large Well, you'd listen each to their own. But he apparently he was a member of the Communist Party, which then have interfered with his ability to get acting roles in the more syndicated television world. So he was Business Trafford acting the Shakespeare Theater.

George E. O'Connell:   24:47
Interesting dude. So where is the howler? Said futures

Erika Portanova Songer:   24:50
houses features. It's ah has a deck, has an actor pool, has an old original garden shed, has an old stone kitchen. Ah, which at one point had a covering and they would fall on cook out there. But the house itself is two bedrooms, two full baths, a walkout, lower level, Um, totally redone in 2008. My client likes to do projects and woodworking and whatnot. He has an insulated room in the garage, which is also heated and cooled. Um, if you're making some noise, if you will, he hasn't a dedicated room just for that For that contracting work he does. So it's a great house, really special, beautiful property. And I encouraged it. So

George E. O'Connell:   25:31
you don't suit You did not that it's a place that is not the kind of custom, custom, custom

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:36
designed, custom made mahogany Murphy bed. Um and you have it. You can have it up, you know? Yeah. And obviously down. And you need about a bedroom area. But it's not the kind you think of when, like a New York apartment, we are flops down. Really?

George E. O'Connell:   25:49
Well, Do

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:49
you know how I

George E. O'Connell:   25:51
am so pretty

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:52
much? Yeah. So, uh, anyway, encourage you to see it. If you're interested, reach out to me. 3000 Nichols Avenue in trouble, currently listed at 429,000.

George E. O'Connell:   26:04
All right, that brings us to some of our one of our favorite segments of the show. That is her brains. His looks go to two. We went out on the town on Friday and we checked out to places. First place was I Can Say It Here. Poetry on Madison, Ala.

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:24
Thon. George likes to go to boutique stores with me.

George E. O'Connell:   26:27
I'm shop Iceberg and now pure poetry that is at shop. Pure poetry dot com Again, it's on Madison, have you?

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:35
You have 42 44 Madison Avenue Trumbull

George E. O'Connell:   26:38
and the owner is Porsche

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:41
Porsche, who got her nickname named Ho.

George E. O'Connell:   26:44
What's right? What? Yeah, which is

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:46
perhaps a poetry she was nicknamed Po. I don't know why, but freshman year in high

George E. O'Connell:   26:49
school, and that's why I oppose blue. Yeah, I

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:53
just love that too. it's called fact checking e No abortions. Yeah, she's great. This was wonderful. Every Noser, I think around town just got a family in town and very vibrant, very energetic. They have a lot of really cool things in there for, um, house gifts for men, for women, for Children cooking a lot of house Where a lot of cookie, you see, meet my beautiful face. No, A beautiful picture holding the snoop doggy dog with

George E. O'Connell:   27:19
no door, I always think, Oh, yeah, Here's a cook, which is pretty

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:26
cool. So you'll see me holding that upset that kind

George E. O'Connell:   27:29
of the religious candles, But they're actually faces, uh,

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:34
Amy Schumer

George E. O'Connell:   27:35
celebrities, but it's kind of pitiful.

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:37
Remember the thing I wanted you to get me,

George E. O'Connell:   27:39
Um, another grounding stone? No, no, no, no, no.

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:44
I point out to George is a hint of my next gift. So sloth stocks every no slots are totally in. So

George E. O'Connell:   27:52
that's what every woman in, uh, 32 charity mature, not maturity. Thirties, I said, should have his loft socks. I'm

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:01
asking Georges for Paris socks,

George E. O'Connell:   28:03
but it's a nifty store. Honestly, check it out. It's in the same complex is Roman Ah, cheese. on that. He's got a sitting duck

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:10
and they entered. They do workshops and events throughout the year. They have a few upcoming one's vision. 2020 with meditation. The medulla collage with Beth. Please help him say your name. Right? So they're gonna have an opportunity to create your own personal collages. That will be Sunday, February 9th 5 to 7. They have yoga and meditation on February 26 with was suggested Monetary donations to the trouble Animal shelter. Ah, full moon Tero gathering on Sunday, March 8th. You have a pen tip? A

George E. O'Connell:   28:39
similar kind of have a theme here.

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:40
Yeah. Yeah. Terra, Really, Last week of Pious Bird. So I'm telling you when we should go do that.

George E. O'Connell:   28:46
I think you you're trying to force me into some terrorist forced is a strong Yeah. Encouraged and courage strongly suggest I feel like

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:56
it might do us. Well, I really feel like you should get one.

George E. O'Connell:   29:00
I'm gonna create my vision board first time having e have

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:05
a vision for your vision board. Um, and they have a pen to paper place shop on Thursday, April 23rd. Another meditation healing evening on Thursday, May 14. So check about their Web site. A lot of need events, great stuff in there. Um, guarantee house gift there. Anyone like that rate breaks off. So

George E. O'Connell:   29:23
shop your poetry dot com. Our second go to two is the Italian Corner Deli by Massimo.

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:33
It's on 63 74 Main Street and Trumbull. Ah Wei had lunch there on Friday

George E. O'Connell:   29:39
after pure approach

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:40
Our day out. And what? You have a love

George E. O'Connell:   29:42
story? I had a sausage and broccoli rob grinder. Bread is phenomenal. Bread makes a grinder with onions and a fresh mozzarella I killed scourged it so on. George

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:57
will deny the fact that he's a foodie just to be clear. But he kind of is very particular. You have to say.

George E. O'Connell:   30:02
Oh, I said, Is it shredded months O r to say Mozart? Sorry. Sure you're Irish. You forget o r is. You know, somebody was for not it was gone quickly. Um, I

Erika Portanova Songer:   30:15
had eggplant parm. That was

George E. O'Connell:   30:17
good. You sit. You wouldn't. Sure.

Erika Portanova Songer:   30:20
Well, not exciting. What? Yours. Um but you said the bar stools gonna look out the window Just nice. It's a new place to get to the table To said that they have bar stools like sending parcels like

George E. O'Connell:   30:31
looking down your stools

Erika Portanova Songer:   30:32
crystals. Brian Martel was wth E guy that was managing the counter.

George E. O'Connell:   30:38
Awesome guy going on. Prism of the boys is always

Erika Portanova Songer:   30:41
there when I go in

George E. O'Connell:   30:42
there, Huh? Just sat with this talk with us, told us about the place, please watching. Hopefully he's watching and listening.

Erika Portanova Songer:   30:50
I sent him our link and, um yeah, and they're always open. They see me open all the time in the early in the morning like early Yemen into the evening till 78 o'clock. So their kid into a lot

George E. O'Connell:   30:59
of different. So the go to to also be a link on our website. Her brains, whose looks com You'll see a tab or button up top so they go to to just click onto their logo and they'll send you right over to their website,

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:14
right? Ah, and also we have some featured events, you know, not just in trouble, but just overall in our community and our area. Ah, couple things that popped out February 7th is a actually a fundraising dance party. People, too, going back directly to the Fair Filthier Company.

George E. O'Connell:   31:32
It's hosted by deejay Peter G

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:35
Peter Gonzalez, Peter G. Who seems to be the go to deejay for every major event. Mrs.

George E. O'Connell:   31:39
Popping A. I use it

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:41
all the time for the parties that we do our board A Realtor parties. He's excellent. So nice guy, too. I had

George E. O'Connell:   31:46

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:46
great spin instructor. I heard, if you're into spinning

George E. O'Connell:   31:48
Well, I think that's what he started. Yeah, spent around Buddy. I think he started cause I remember when he started posting on Facebook, I was his friend. Before he was an actual going into the deejay field. He was creating a playlist for the spin class. Yes, that's really, really good. He's really

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:06
Yeah. So, um, you know, you might want to think about Screaming City. That's February 7th at the warehouse. Ah, careful. Theatre Company is gonna be New Agey as parties. 18 nineties. Um, let's see, all the same night Bernadette's at Boca, which I don't want to see both. So

George E. O'Connell:   32:23
Oh, the oyster bar on the Bridgeport. Have you been We've been Tokyo.

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:28
Ah, let's see. And that's it for the Johnny Cash birthday celebration February 22nd.

George E. O'Connell:   32:33
Yeah, and you on the same day which probably start at is the Bry Axe. Ah, Annual Louisiana crawfish boil.

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:41
Right. Hello, crawfish. Think over across the street.

George E. O'Connell:   32:43
Yeah. You're real Johnny Cash. We're good to go. Yeah, that

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:47
place to be. So check it out. We have our link. We have all of our, um

George E. O'Connell:   32:51
our balance of

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:52
dates and events listed on the site

George E. O'Connell:   32:54
on the website as well.

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:55
01 more thing. That your buzz around school right now. I daughter school March 6 a Webster Bank Arenas, a Jurassic World live towards 7 p.m. George. You probably should stay away. Unless you want to tell you. Take a token. Try

George E. O'Connell:   33:06
to use flamethrowers. Yes, I I saw the commercial. There's a lot of flames. Maybe she Apparently

Erika Portanova Songer:   33:13
you like to do flame throwing? I don't know, but apparently it's quite quite the kids are quite excited about it. So March 6, the Webster Bank arena.

George E. O'Connell:   33:23
All right. That is this week for her brains. His looks. We're going to head over to Eastern next week. We think we're going to shift our dates to Tuesdays because we know everyone's kind of jammed up. Not always Today. Super Bowl. Um, it just worked out that this day was best for our scheduling, but Tuesday's would be best to actually show this live. So what for next week? On Tuesday. My name is George E. O'Connell. The looks

Erika Portanova Songer:   33:53
and my name is a Rica Portanova Songer the brains

George E. O'Connell:   33:57
we are out for Episode 102 Trumbull See you next week if I the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the podcast host and their guests of this solely the information shared has been professionally sourced and disseminated through the resources provided by the sponsoring real estate brokerage on the burial estate experiences.

Erika Portanova Songer:   34:19
And thank you, Adrian Blackman, for doing our voice over. And our disclaimers. Um, he's a great guy. And thank you.

George E. O'Connell:   34:28
We appreciate Adrian. See you next week, guys.

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