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Easton Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle

February 11, 2020 Erika Portanova Songer & George E. O'Connell Season 1 Episode 3
Her Brains His Looks Real Estate & Lifestyle Podcast
Easton Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle
Easton Real Estate Stats
Industry Focus - First Time Home Buyer Tips
Go-To-2 Greiser's Coffee & Market/Old Blue Bird Inn
Her Brains His Looks Real Estate & Lifestyle Podcast
Easton Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle
Feb 11, 2020 Season 1 Episode 3
Erika Portanova Songer & George E. O'Connell

In this episode we check out the Town of Easton, CT. Erika looks at the farms along Sport Hill Road. We go over the Easton Real Estate stats. Our industry focus is First Time Home Buyers Tips.  Our Go-To-2 is Greiser's Coffee & Market and The Old Blue Bird Inn for lunch. Don't miss George's ghost story of Easton's "White Lady."  We head to Fairfield, CT for our next episode.

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In this episode we check out the Town of Easton, CT. Erika looks at the farms along Sport Hill Road. We go over the Easton Real Estate stats. Our industry focus is First Time Home Buyers Tips.  Our Go-To-2 is Greiser's Coffee & Market and The Old Blue Bird Inn for lunch. Don't miss George's ghost story of Easton's "White Lady."  We head to Fairfield, CT for our next episode.

Our Google Slides Presentation on Easton:

Check Out Greiser's Coffee & Market:

Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/HerBrainsHisLooks?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=creatorshare)

Adrian Blackman:   0:00
welcome to her brains, his looks, real estate and lifestyle podcast. This episode features the Town of Eastern is hosted by two of the smartest and most attractive realtors in the business. Well, according to their mothers, existing gentlemen, here's the brains of the operation. Erica Portanova Sanga and the looks George E. O'Connell.  

George E. O'Connell:   0:29
Nothing gets me more charged in here and then intro Pretty good. Pretty darn good. So we are here live on Facebook and YouTube. My name is George E. O'Connell. The looks

Erika Portanova Songer:   0:46
and I'm a Rica. Portanova songer the brains,

George E. O'Connell:   0:49
the brains with the most. Today we're featuring the town of Eastern. We've already done Black rock in from Bull. So few facts about the talent of Eastern we'll start off with before we getting fun. Stuff was incorporated 18 45. It is approximately Well, actually is 28.6 square miles. George, like that has about 70 between 7500 and 7600 people. The population, um, and for size wise, it is population. It is thehunt third largest or smallest, depending on which way you look at. In 176 towns in the state of Connecticut, cities in towns.

Erika Portanova Songer:   1:39
So living here in Fearful County, it's definitely known to be one of the smallest towns, population wise. But of course, the property sizes there are much bigger. They're mostly most. The town is three acres. Onis you while you may buy a town that has not a lot of people, you have large properties. Um, you know,

George E. O'Connell:   1:57

Erika Portanova Songer:   1:58
breakers, minimum the most, most the town. So, um yeah, Okay. Like the medium price point, for example, of the price, the income, for example, is like the median income household incomes 136,000. That kind of gives you perspective of the house of the town. Little bitten who lives there?

George E. O'Connell:   2:15
All right, so part of our feature today, we're gonna start off with what Eastern is really sort of known for. There's not a ton of restaurants won't go through a couple of our favorites in the go to two. But farms, really? It started as a farming community, obviously like the most of Connecticut least down here.

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:35
Right? So I grew up riding horses in eastern and frequent in most of the tablet farms and stuff. So we have some pretty cool Ah, cool. Far that we visited. And Ah, but George, I did realize that a lot of them are closed in the winter. So we're gonna wait, be we

George E. O'Connell:   2:49
did driver drive around. We saw animals. We did what

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:53
we did. And we did it with the intent and hope of going to all the It's farm personally, but a lot of clothes in winter for the obvious reasons. So we'll probably be circling back to east and come late spring, early summer.

George E. O'Connell:   3:02
But there's a lot of stuff we can talk about with our experiences, right? We've

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:06
been there. We've, you know, we've been in the past. We know. What about it? So one of the first ones, ah, Sport Hill Farm is located at 5 96 Sport Hill Road. So that's the problem. Newest farm, um, Patty and Al Pop. I don't know them personally, but they bought it in 2000 and it was pretty small to start us a couple acres of farmland, and about a year into it, they got some chickens and they started selling organic vegetables locally, and they grow now into about, um, by 2010 there now selling about 100 different varieties of non GMO sustainable produce along with the fresh free range eggs. So I've been there with my daughter, and they had to a lot of cute little love. You know, things for small Children. They have little craft, a little sort of tours, if you will. So it's a fun little place to go to, not only to purchase your, you know, the veggies and all that, but a little place to take kids to to Just

George E. O'Connell:   4:00
so it's beyond the farm stand. Yeah, market,

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:06
And they've grown quite a bit so definite. Check them out. Sportal Farm and Silverman's farm, which I think a lot of people know

George E. O'Connell:   4:13
where I can speak to this. Take over this one. Supplements farm. Everyone knows their pies there, James or jellies right there in the front market when you arrive. But other, you know, fun family events throughout the seasons. You know he rides the

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:33
corn pit, which is awesome.

George E. O'Connell:   4:34
What is the corn?

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:36
The best when you have little ones and you sit there. I guess it goes on adult. Be odd, though. Without Children, there is a hit awful of corn kernels and pretty good on your feet. You sit there thinking the kids are playing that maybe the moms were hanging out.

George E. O'Connell:   4:50
It's like mashing grapes with kind of like it's kind of

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:53
therapeutic for the mob. Is this big enough for adult women to sit in there while the kids are playing around them? So I know it's a lot of fun and anybody who needs to know this. George's favorite pie Strawberry rhubarb, Sophie Everett Silverman's Now you know

George E. O'Connell:   5:07
and what's a ruber? I don't know. It's root. Vegetable trick is delicious. It's alright enough

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:15
long as you're happy

George E. O'Connell:   5:16
you have a great one.

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:17
Um, yeah, The silver has been around long time. Irvin, Nancy Silverman live on the top of the hill, and as a kid, I've known them for for a very long time. Not well, but I've known of them, and they have an entire sort of looks like it was a mountain. All the apple trees grow and

George E. O'Connell:   5:32
trample turkey's model

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:34
picking the wagon rides, but they that's all there is, and it's it's it's been known for. People come in from the city a lot on the weekend is packed on the weekends on the fall

George E. O'Connell:   5:43
of the petting zoo, which is quite extension,

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:45
so petty is awesome.

George E. O'Connell:   5:46
I mean, I've been a stew. Petting zoo is about, would fit in about 1/10 beddings,

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:53
and these animals are alive. Says Probably weighs their animals. It's too late.

George E. O'Connell:   5:56
Yes, sir. Is Billy go bridge? Really?

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:00
Okay, well, there's a lot more animals at Silverman's, but it's fun. It's a fun, fun place to be from place of visit. Um, you know what? When it's open, which is helpful the open around April, I think these farms All right.

George E. O'Connell:   6:12
Where is that little kid? Oh, that is at 4 51 Sport Hill Road,

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:19
right in the center of town.

George E. O'Connell:   6:20
Most of these air on support, all of them that we're featuring on Sport Hill Road. So it's coincidentally UNESCO, but

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:28
well, your 1st 1 would be sure would farm what you're talking about next. That 3 55 sport whole road that's across from the Helen Keller School. And they have been three generation working farm.

George E. O'Connell:   6:39
Oh, is this your joint?

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:41
Yes. Places by bacon. Thanks to ah Paul. Tim Yaka there who highly recommended actually, Paul in Bonnie. So get your shot out there. They said I had to go by their bacon. Um, it's really good. So for those that enjoy that type of food, I would highly recommend that, um, and Snows Farm, which has been there. It's forever. It's been, ah, the oldest and largest supplier of organic lawn garden soils and and manure in Fearful County, and the same family's been owned has been running it living there for 100 years. And the nice thing about this is that delivers. You can order online, have it delivered for those that are serious farmers. That's really nice. Ah, nice feature. So

George E. O'Connell:   7:19
and we'll wrap it up on. Actually, I did tell a fib. Mabel Row Farm.

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:24
Oh yeah, One more Right,

George E. O'Connell:   7:25
which is located at 2 29 Stepney Road,

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:29
right? So this was been around since 17 69 over 200 years of farming industry. So I think the theme is we have a lot of long standing family run farms, which I think is a really nice feature. Um, it started out is a four H project for Christmas trees back in 19 twenties. I sure would Edwards and then his son Jim, and that his grandson's David and Scott then sort of took over the business and took it to where? The level with that. Now they introduce additional product lines like firewood and mulch, along with all the other things that one requires. Bagged soil, grassy. We know back soil is right. Yeah, landscaping Because you guarding a lot. George is not garden. Um, but

George E. O'Connell:   8:11
I have garden. Thank you really a

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:13
lot. Um, so they have a lot of they have us actually a storefront with same address to 27 stepney roads. So just next door to the farm. Um, but the cool thing I thought was they were used to be a big dairy farm. When the dairy farm was no longer in 19 sixties, they got oxen and apparently have to get to ox. And hence a team of oxygen because he had to to pull the whatever you're pulling because they can. They can pull the size of a load equal toward a tractor can. I just learned all this. I

George E. O'Connell:   8:42
thought that was all my job. Wasn't

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:44
the accident things? Yes, you. Well, George,

George E. O'Connell:   8:48
get things up, and I put things

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:49
Yes, that George's record, that he's my heavy lifter. And, uh in this work relationship. So they have two teams of oxen now. Call on their names are Pete and Mike and Bill and Joe, and they keep me around.

George E. O'Connell:   9:00
You have the oxygen's names D'oh,

Erika Portanova Songer:   9:02
P and Mike and Bill and Joe. It's awesome. Got it. Keep me around for a little vintage reminder yesterday, you're reminded

George E. O'Connell:   9:10
that this reminder also, while we're live, you can comment and ask those questions. And if it's something that we can answer, we will weaken. Feature. A question on our podcast will read it out loud for those. We're just listening because we're now on Apple Broadcast Spotify um, pad Castor. We're on almost every platform, so it's kind of super

Erika Portanova Songer:   9:35
excited about that. George knows with all means. I just know to be happy about it. So

George E. O'Connell:   9:38
I'm sure this yes. So what else do we got coming up this week? Is everything going honestly thought it should be aware of?

Erika Portanova Songer:   9:47
Well, you should probably know, You know, you may be aware for your wife, this is the best holiday ever. It's not. I do not like this holiday. Valentine's Day. No, it's fine. It's some Valentine's Day. I thought I just mentioned it because February and people should be aware of it. It's this Friday, February 14th. Um, I have a little data here that I will not read out loud.

George E. O'Connell:   10:06
Yeah, that's right. So once were, you could

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:09
represent later if you'd like.

George E. O'Connell:   10:10
Once we're done with our podcast, we do link our slide or Google slideshow. Pdf to our podcast. You can pull that up, check out all the farms we checked out and the real estate stats. You could

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:23
read it at your leisure

George E. O'Connell:   10:24
at your leisure leisure.

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:26
So happy Valentine's at all. And I heard how

George E. O'Connell:   10:29
happy Valentine's Day to thank you. But you're so

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:32
hold on, George. Remember what I want for bounce. I say sloth sucks. Find them. Where?

George E. O'Connell:   10:38
At pure poetry at Madison. Havin trouble.

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:41
Thank you from the stores we featured last

George E. O'Connell:   10:42
week. So I don't know if that's a beautify by Sloss a

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:46
rifle not mind is totally appropriate. But I do feel that I literally have pointed out and that probably gave him the gift that I want

George E. O'Connell:   10:54
and you put them respect.

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:56
I know you did

George E. O'Connell:   10:57
give you a

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:57
present. Ate half of it.

George E. O'Connell:   10:59
So happy about buttercups. Who doesn't have those. So now we jump into the meats and the stats of Eastern.

Erika Portanova Songer:   11:09
Right? So each podcast every time we're gonna feature always gonna mention the real estate is statistics of that town. Because, remember, first and foremost, we are real tours. All right? We're realtors willing to Sotherby's here in Southport, Connecticut. We work all of Connecticut, primarily fearful New Haven counties. But we do it all commercial and residential. Okay, that's our big plug for, aren't you? Yeah. Thank you. So, Eastern Single Family closed sales. We focus on just the last two years 2018 and 19 or full calendar years

George E. O'Connell:   11:40
on single family homes in particular.

Erika Portanova Songer:   11:42
Right? Although eastern and I don't think housing the other than single family. But you're right. We do focus in all of our town. Walters. Uh, not legally. I don't think they would. So, um, so 123 homes closed in 2018 and 100 and 22 homes closed in 2019 so clearly the market hadn't shifted in either year, um, east and is known while it's a fantastic town inventory chance, move a little slower. That's pretty typical for that town. So

George E. O'Connell:   12:10
pretty study. I mean, it's a lot like trouble statistic.

Erika Portanova Songer:   12:15
It is. Yes, consistent. And, ah, you know, remember, you have less houses. So you have the inventory that was middle lower because of the way that have the problem. The town spans. All right, hold on. Don't move. My slide here. My first under the slides.

George E. O'Connell:   12:29
I know that this is all. I mean, I run the board, and but America is now running the slide so I can actually move my hands around.

Erika Portanova Songer:   12:38
I keep forgetting that I'm in charge is lights looking stories like, Okay. All right. So this is just a map of the of the homes that close in 2019. I think the bigger thing is to see the towns that surround east. And so they're touchy reading Western Monroe, Trumble, Trumble. Yeah. Fairfield, Fairfield, five town. So just Connie. Um, All right, move it on to the next slide. Our average sale price of average sale price of what sold in 2018 we have 609,000 or roughly 67 10,000 and 2019. We have 615,000 average sale prices

George E. O'Connell:   13:16
went up, about 1%

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:18
went up slightly again, consistent to the 123 sat homes that's sold in 18 to 122 homes is sold in 19 average days on market. Every time we list a house with a client, right, George, they ask one of the big questions I ask is,

George E. O'Connell:   13:34
Could you move this ladder, please?

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:37
Listen, I don't know what you're talking

George E. O'Connell:   13:39
in front of me, but not not just your book. That's like two.

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:44
Next time we'll have it down pat. Anyway. George, what's the, uh, one of the biggest questions they ask us when we're listing a house

George E. O'Connell:   13:50
list? Yeah, how long until my house we'll get an offer that is accepted?

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:57
Right? So that's what we call average days on market. While this can be skewed slightly because it depends on the listing agent changing the status from what they call active to show, which means there's an accepted and signed offer. Um, but that's that's the stir. That's the time span that that's calculated. The average days of market. So in 2018 we had is roughly 100 and six days it took for in the house went live on the market to get accepted offer and slightly more in the next year of 0 1911 days. So this is my point to my earlier point East and doesn't move when I say move a little slower. It just tends to take a little bit longer to move from,

George E. O'Connell:   14:36
like, 2 to 3 months in our previous towns to 3 to 4 months,

Erika Portanova Songer:   14:40
right? Exactly. Yeah. So fine. Okay,

George E. O'Connell:   14:44
this is amazing to me. This number. Well, this is just remember my dream to blowing

Erika Portanova Songer:   14:49
anyone who knows e. Since your price point range, there's a huge span of price points, right, so we can go in at the low Fours. Maybe there's a time you never get into into that town without having a five in front of the number. And now course a span of, you know, the most money you can spend there. You're gonna see this average here. So the total volume of close sales in 2018. 75 million

George E. O'Connell:   15:13
And what is it in 90

Erika Portanova Songer:   15:16
in 2019? It's the same five million.

George E. O'Connell:   15:19
It's separated by 3200. Yes.

Erika Portanova Songer:   15:21
Yeah. So it's It's a town where that moves slightly slow has a really nice offering, Some nice price points there. So, um, for me to consider when you're looking for a house, it's remarkable to me, All right, the average percentage of when the house sells to with the last list price. And we point out the last list price because you may have a house on the market at x amount, and you may adjust that list price once or twice until you find that sweet spot where than an offer comes in and you come to a point of agreement. So in 2018 we found that homes sold at about 95% of what their last list price waas, Um, and 2019 was pretty much the same thing again. Steady, steady, Eddie, Right?

George E. O'Connell:   16:11
Yeah, absolutely. Now we head over to, um, what's actually still active in Eastern what is in contract in what has, in a kind of an agreeable offer, so

Erika Portanova Songer:   16:25
right, so right now we have 55 0 single family homes for sale. They're active on the market average average list price of these homes are offering price of 7 84 for 11 784.

George E. O'Connell:   16:38
Yeah, that's a little, you know, from your average before it's a little heightened. There's a lot of higher and properties that are still active,

Erika Portanova Songer:   16:46
right? We shouldn't affect the average price. So, um, and currently there's 11 homes that have accepted offers. That means that they have come to terms on income agreement on the terms. Maybe they've done their inspections, but they have not gotten their mortgage yet. Typically, on that average price point of those homes that have offers accepted our 564,000

George E. O'Connell:   17:06
way Don't know what they're closing it, right? Exactly.

Erika Portanova Songer:   17:10
And, um, 10 homes with signed contracts, usually when the contracts are signed gratefully accept contracts mean that they've gone through the inspection, of course. And they gone through and are very close to getting their mortgages. So ah, that average price point of those gas prices are 5 65 160,000 all right,

George E. O'Connell:   17:30
and that brings us to her brains. His looks active house on the market in eastern. It is located at 3 60 Center Road in eastern. It is a antique houses built in 17 90. It's on a 5.8 acres. It has living space of 3100 square feet, 12 rooms, four bedrooms, three full in 1/2 bath

Erika Portanova Songer:   17:59
right in this house. So it's known for Mi Nam's his antique home. So it's it's being sold, as is so a lot of times to come across. When listens will state that. Usually the remark is always in the remarks section. Sold as is Where is you know, it's Ah, it's a common phrase we use, and that simply means that by my definition of that statement that the House us A. Buyer are entitled to do your due diligence, right? Your inspections. You're whatever you're doing. But the seller is not going to end. We're obligated to do anything about what you may find in the inspection because they've already identified their sort of position at the listing at the start that this soul does

George E. O'Connell:   18:37
when it's labeled as is, so so they're saying you're getting this house is it sits

Erika Portanova Songer:   18:43
as it sits and as it looks, and as it may or may not be with inspections that, however, have her passes or fails. So really, the best thing about that that was a doesn't mean we should manage the expectations of the buyer. So, for instance, I find that buyers I go into those kind of houses need to be prepared or capable of doing. Work is most homes I find that are sold as is, do need work and require some nice some significant works. You won't have that right buyer profile that comes in Who can handle that type of project.

George E. O'Connell:   19:12
Yeah. I mean, you know, it's definitely managing those expectations because even as an as is, you're going to get your inspection, you're gonna get your list of what's wrong, and then you decide what's important. You two go ahead if you decide to move forward.

Erika Portanova Songer:   19:26
Remember, the inspections are informational for you to, ah again to give you the information you need to decide to forward or not a lot

George E. O'Connell:   19:34
as his homes. They wouldn't decide not to inspect because it is as is, they would move ahead with the inspectors.

Erika Portanova Songer:   19:41
Be foolish not to. Frankly, it's your legal right to do an inspection. What you decide to do the information is up to you at the end, but it's worth the money you're spending. Do the inspection. My opinion

George E. O'Connell:   19:49
European. Alright, little opinion. So And that brings us to our segment, which is our industry focus. So we'll start with, um it is our first time home buying Homebuyer tips. And these are just get the pager. Sorry. Um, tip number one. Pay off your debts and build an emergency fund. Basically, get your credit in order,

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:17
right. You you want to kind of find out what your credit is? First, it's a good idea to find out the credit score. Giants have an idea. We all think we know, but, you know, really should check it every year. Anyway, just for if there's any everything fraudulent being done here with your finance

George E. O'Connell:   20:30
and a lot of these APS now on your phone. Whether it's creditkarma experience, whatever it is, they'll give you a score. But you do have the free credit score that you can get online at free. What is it? Free annual credit score dot com. Um, that's a good way to start with regards to the emergency fund. They say, you know, have 3 to 6 months of all expenses in an account ready just in case something happens. Could be

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:58
a job earth being medically happened.

George E. O'Connell:   21:00
T o. So you know the good rule of thumb. There's 3 to 6 months around here. I'd say it's closer to six

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:07
in this area, but yes, so it as faras the goodbye to credit. I just checked credit card by myself because I asked, you know, we all have to check her credit, whether we're buying or selling or just want to know what's going on. Um, and credit card was great because apparently they don't ding your credit score. Um, your credit report so you can check out the number. I understand loss super accurate. But at least it shows you an idea of what you're the number of a county of open or closed. So I just want to see a general assembly of what things you have

George E. O'Connell:   21:38
there is that Try merger double merge depending on who's blowing your credit. What? Right. So creditkarma and that merge could float 2030 points

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:48
short. Just don't be afraid of check it that it is good to know what your what's going on,

George E. O'Connell:   21:51
um, number to determine how much house you can afford. Now this is through, you know, the Dave Ramsey website. He is a financial planner in an investment advisor. His suggestion there suggestion, which I kind of follow, is have your home costs at somewhere on 25% of your take home. You know, your net.

Erika Portanova Songer:   22:16
I don't think I knew that percentage.

George E. O'Connell:   22:17
Yeah, so that's you know. So, basically, if make Easy's numbers easy, if it's $100,000 home, make sure you know 25 grand is there for your house. A number three is saved for the down payment now, depending on the loan program you're going to go with. There's the 20% which is conventional and avoiding your P m I. But there's tons of programs out there 10 53% no percent down with you via loans and such

Erika Portanova Songer:   22:48
right? And it's a portable to know, too. I don't think everyone understands is that you don't have to do is gonna think you have to do 20% down payments. That is absolutely not true. They have all these mortgage burgers, and banks have these fabulous different products they offer that have all types of programs that can cater to your lifestyle, your current income, your curtain debt situation. So they're gonna do. It's best for you and everyone. I get it. It's like going through a process of sort of, I don't know, Find yourself the best outfit that works. I mean, they're gonna find out, works for your lifestyle currently, and, you know, down the road, you may change it or refinance, too, You know, have another program that suits your lifestyle better, but support understanding a lot of options out there.

George E. O'Connell:   23:26
Yeah, Number four is kind of in conjunction with three. The down payment is clothing closing costs. Excuse me. Um, we're averaging. We're looking at kind of a lower price home in the area. Let's say 250 to 300,000 So the rule of thumb there would be closing costs would be 3 to 4%

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:48
right? And then, you know, when you get into the process and you're getting close to, you know, pursuing a home, you can ask the mortgage burger that you're working with or the banker that you know, what approximately can they give you? An estimate of what the closing caustic you know will be. And they can tell you that, Um, of course, they can't finalize until they have the actual purchase price, you know, confirmed. Um, another way to avoid closing costs, though, is to finance the closing costs. So you the buyer makes an offer and let's say the closing costs or seven, let's say 10,000 make my life. You're buying a $300,000 house and you're gonna offer $300,000. But you're really gonna offer $310,000 because you're asking you're going to finance the closing cost. In other words, you're not physically putting the cash offer closing costs tied into your mortgage.

George E. O'Connell:   24:34
You're getting money back basically during your mortar

Erika Portanova Songer:   24:37
that goes right, right, And that goes right back into paying a closing costs off. Does this have to be done on the day of closing? So the only the positive is you don't have to have a 10 grand in cash, which a lot of us frankly want to use their cash for other things of renovations or whatever else we need. Um, the other thing is, it has the House has to appraise at the sale price sale price price will reflect that inflated number. So that's something. It appraisals the concern. Something to think about, but more often knots, not an issue. So that's a lot of ways to ah t you know, to buy your first house and not be kept

George E. O'Connell:   25:11
structure the deal basically, absolutely. Um, number five ties into that because you'll be talking to your lender at that same time. Get preapproved for a loan. You know, go and visit at least two or three. However you Yeah, wherever you're comfortable with the could dear local federal credit union, it could be your local banker, But get that preapproval letter for the mountain you're looking to.

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:38
And one thing I feel you should not gauge one against the other based on the rate to the offer, because the rate is only one portion of that credit of the the mortgage package that can provide to you. So So, you know, going picking one because of a better rate is not always the best idea, you know, get the full understanding what they can offer service wise and package wise.

George E. O'Connell:   26:00
And this is where we step in what we do for a living. Find a home for sale in New York price range. You know, we will definitely advocate finding a great Realtor. Yes, that's without a doubt, us. I mean, they're there to be, You know, your partner in this deal there. They want to find you a home. As much as you want to find a home that fits for you, that works for you. And that is in your budget.

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:28
So a lot of times, when clients, you say, Well, I was pre proof of 500,000. I looked at them. I see. Great. Okay, but what do you want to spend? Because that number oftentimes can be, you know, should be different. You could be proved pre approved, that higher number. But maybe you're only comfortable spending 4 50 So whatever that number is, you tell me, and that's number we look at. We look at the state and that range that you're comfortable spending.

George E. O'Connell:   26:49
And there's, you know, we go room for negotiation absolutely, and thinks that you know what what's listed. Some folks feel what's list is what they're gonna end up paying. But

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:59
none of Thera

George E. O'Connell:   27:00
that necessarily, if your realtor does the job for you when we will next to his research your neighborhoods for the best fit. Now, this is a little touchy for realize, without a doubt. Um, but, you know, if the best advice we would give you is go visit the neighborhood, hang around the neighborhood Some, you know, friends of mine have lived in the neighborhood for a year to see if it was a proper fit

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:29
by by renting, and I

George E. O'Connell:   27:31
rent Answer. Yeah. Um, see if the lifestyle fits. Um, I know people always like, you know, how are the schools? How are the schools? What we do is we, you know, it's really do your own due diligence

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:44
will explain what wanted George explain why it's touchy that why it's difficult for us tow. We're not allowed to sort of comment on schools, for example. It's a fair housing.

George E. O'Connell:   27:52
Well, well, it's basically what my perception of a good school is a different perception for the buyer. So I'm projecting my perceptions on what you think is a good school. That that thing you know, I found or is to direct, um, you can to websites like night like

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:12
a rich dotcom.

George E. O'Connell:   28:13
Yeah, and I see a ci dot com will put it in our podcast notes, but that's a good one for schools um, neighborhood crime statistics. You know, the best advice that we would give is go visit. You know your local police station. You can get him from them directly.

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:31
Absolutely. And to your point earlier about the neighbors, I always help, you know, a potential buyer for the particular house, you know, come through on the weekends. Come through during the week days, you know, see if it's the kind of neighborhood that you're comfortable living in. And it's network your life

George E. O'Connell:   28:44
and different in different times of the day. And I don't just, you know, the everyone knows that the nighttime is can be quite different than in the daytime.

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:53
Absolutely. So the buyers, you'll do a little of their own due diligence as well. So, um

George E. O'Connell:   28:58
and, uh, number eight is attend open houses That kind of speaks for itself. So

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:04
if you're not going with your realtor out on the weekend, you go on the open house and you report back to your realtor, that be us, and then we go and check it out for you. Then we go back together to visit a second time

George E. O'Connell:   29:14
on. Then we come up Thio make a competitive offer obviously you'll be discussing this with your realtor. Or, um, this is one also that you know, we love love, love the house and we don't want to lose it. Situations come up a lot, but the offer might not be competitive, and they might risk losing the house they love. So if you can afford it and it's in your budget, I think about the offer. A realtor will help you make sure that the offer is sound.

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:51
And by doing that, she, he or she

George E. O'Connell:   29:53
knew she

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:53
one of us will look a comparable sales. And that's how we can determine the value of the house that you want to buy. And then we give you the information and we give you our advice and worth. We hope you take it. But the same token, you have become full, the decision you want to make and what you want to present. But our job's to give you the information, the tools to come to that decision yourself.

George E. O'Connell:   30:12
Given the data annex wing, that happens to be a lot of our You know, that is our job, because some of the data is quite confusing at times, absolutely, and then the final number 10 days. Prepare for the closing again. This will be part of the negotiation deal. How quickly The cellar can, um, get out of the house. Typical. We're looking at 30 to 45 days.

Erika Portanova Songer:   30:39
Depends. Yeah, I mean, 38 is aggressive. 45 to 60 years, Probably a bit more comfortable for most. But you're right. We do see a lot of 30 day closing these days, and, um, want one random side tip before you're about to close on a house. Don't make any find major financial perch purchases. So I had a glass

George E. O'Connell:   30:57
to your credits. Credits getting

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:00
light. Wants two weeks out from buying, you know, buying their house. And she bought a car. Yeah. So that changes your alone. Changes your about your loan

George E. O'Connell:   31:09
recherche coming into clothes. Absolutely.

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:12
So now your debt has increased from prior to two weeks before that. And now you can no longer be qualified for that mortgage, so don't do that. All right, Moving on.

George E. O'Connell:   31:22
All right. This is ah, our favorite segment. I can least my fish

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:28
orjust favorite. I like that.

George E. O'Connell:   31:29
Without a doubt, that sari is her brains. His looks go to two. Uh, we went out yesterday.

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:40
Yes, we didn't. Rainy day

George E. O'Connell:   31:42
On a rainy day, we took out those farms that were all, um, we ended up stopping by grazers coffee and market on 2 99 Center road. Could be found in Eastern and grazers dot com Again. That will be the information be provided in our Google slides. We had some great coffee there.

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:06
We did. We met the Who is the manager, Ryan O'Brian. Right, Ryan? Nice guy, Gregor. And they sell, um, opposite coffee and tea and all that, and, um, but they have a lot of cool little things there. Yeah, gifts, little housewares, little jewelry that needs things there.

George E. O'Connell:   32:21
Yeah, I need things. I thought, you know, my family is on the coffee shop back in the day in downtown Bridgeport. They had a mug club. I thought it was kind of cool. I don't like the, you know, beer mug. How

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:34
does that How does that my club work again?

George E. O'Connell:   32:36
You have your month. Um, you leave it there on the hook. Kind of like the pewter mugs and, like, Wolfeboro Tavern and New Hampshire, and you claim your mug and, uh I don't know if they give you a discount, but you get to pick the right. But it's your mug with your name on your little tag above your mugs. So it's kind of nifty.

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:57
And George took a picture of you could see on the far right

George E. O'Connell:   32:59
on the sly

Erika Portanova Songer:   33:00
right side. Yes, that was So you got a coffee? I got a T. That

George E. O'Connell:   33:04
was very good. So that building is three generations of grazers. Um, dates back into 1926. I think the grazers mark in Delhi. They sell gasoline. Deck riser. Who has the antique shop used to be in where the coffee shop is. He moved to the back in the lower level, and he runs his antique shop and his gas pumping service is out of the back now. So it's still there. It's just, uh, tucked away in a little bit smaller boy. So

Erika Portanova Songer:   33:37
when George and I were younger, we didn't know each other, but we were younger. We would go there, and it was definitely a bit more of a, um What's the word? It was bit more rustic, and afterwards a fair word was kind of a deli flash a little bit of everything to have a food mart.

George E. O'Connell:   33:52
But if you wanted a good story, you go talking to Dick. He was just amazing. Amazing story.

Erika Portanova Songer:   33:59
Always had antiques. They're always means as I was for a long time. For that kid. Always sold antiques, Those same antiques, those different ones now. But they're gonna find in the back through the invisible door We had to endure because I said to Ryan, Ryan O'Brian was lovely manager. So I said, So how do we get to the antique? He goes through the invisible door, and I was like, He's like, That's because everybody doesn't see the doors. It's totally adore, but people miss it. They don't think they knew

George E. O'Connell:   34:31
I had to ask. Well, yeah, because I was tucking away. See? Mmm. Uh, you know, they have gas pump globe in the back. That was yeah. Really need, um, so they're open 6 to 6 week days. 6 to 3 on the weekends. Definitely. Go check.

Erika Portanova Songer:   34:49
Yeah. Sandwiches, pastries, coffee. It's a good place to hang out and replace or grab coffee. So

George E. O'Connell:   34:55
and then we went on our way down the street to the Bluebird in them which is located at 3 63 Black Rock Turn book.

Erika Portanova Songer:   35:06
And that's been around a very long time since 1919. Everybody knows about it. They think there's some stories of Ah, Lorraine, Lorraine, Warren, Warren, right? So she so I guess she and her husband, who I can't think of the name they used to have read, But everybody knows they were paranormal ghost onto communicators mediums. Um, but the story that I read in some publication was that they used a breakfast breakfast there all the time, and he passed away prior to her recently dying. And so when she had breakfast there one morning, apparently she heard a song he'd always whistle or somebody hurts me. Heat a whistle and

George E. O'Connell:   35:48
there was activity is activity,

Erika Portanova Songer:   35:49
and I apparently he might have been there. Oh, just kind of need, but spiritually just kind of need. But

George E. O'Connell:   35:57
yeah, the we did have a breakfast for lunch.

Erika Portanova Songer:   36:01
Did I selected Georgia's breakfast for him, knowing that he'd want it because it had hash brown.

George E. O'Connell:   36:06
It was like a corn beef hash Benedict. It was insane. I know they're known for their pancakes, so I don't want to see the comments coming at right. But this corn beef hash Benedict of sorts was amazing. Awesome.

Erika Portanova Songer:   36:20
The mine was good to you. I had a breakfast, see type of thing to It was like a bacon, eh?

George E. O'Connell:   36:25
You threw in a tomato, made out. It was gonna make it healthy.

Erika Portanova Songer:   36:28
Yeah, but I felt like

George E. O'Connell:   36:30
you did take out the onion.

Erika Portanova Songer:   36:31
I just get the onions somehow that made that better. I don't know why, but the place is great. So I'm definitely check it out on Black Rock Turnpike.

George E. O'Connell:   36:38
Yeah, and, uh, back to the warrens lie east in ghost or Oh, yes. And I'm trying to think of the cemeteries name I forgot to look at.

Erika Portanova Songer:   36:46
You know, the intersection. It's

George E. O'Connell:   36:48
it's sport Hotel road and and step Knee Road.

Erika Portanova Songer:   36:51
Steffy Road. You have

George E. O'Connell:   36:52
it. There's a some ammo states Trinity Cemetery, but I'm not 100% sure. So I was coming home late at night. I just finished working at Westford Fish and Chips

Erika Portanova Songer:   37:02
many years ago.

George E. O'Connell:   37:03
Many It was in the mid nineties, and after a second job driving home, I had my Ford Bronco. My my friend at the time was in the car sleeping And as I was driving on Stepney Road heading towards Route 25 I came across the way. Lady, and I'm not even remotely joking. I don't think it's funny it I mean, I was driving listening to probably we be one away, cause who's free X m And, uh, I saw something and I screeched the card to all through Sally like, into her seat belt. And she's like, What the hell just happened? I'm like, the way lady, She's like, Get out of time tonight. I'm telling you.

Erika Portanova Songer:   37:49
So the cemeteries known for this

George E. O'Connell:   37:52
the warrens of done some some investigation. Big George, the looks has come across the white lady

Erika Portanova Songer:   38:00
and I hope I never do. But that's a great story. I just hope I never share that experience with you. So

George E. O'Connell:   38:05
most people don't play, but it is. It is effect. Now I let you

Erika Portanova Songer:   38:08
believe you cause that you wouldn't lie about that

George E. O'Connell:   38:10
s O that comes into ah wrapping up segment which is area events and doesn't necessarily have to be in the town we are featuring.

Erika Portanova Songer:   38:21
So we'll have this on our website and

George E. O'Connell:   38:24
which is her? Her brains has looks dot com and you just click on. You know, H. Biel's area picks calendar pics

Erika Portanova Songer:   38:34
and we'll load in all the events on the calendar as they come up and as they come in and we'll try to continue to feed that calendar. And

George E. O'Connell:   38:40
if you have events you want us to feed your do, send us an email. Please

Erika Portanova Songer:   38:43
do so. One of them I wanted we're gonna add to the calendar is ah so Harvard Yard. Webster Arena is has opening or working on opening this amphitheater.

George E. O'Connell:   38:52
Yeah, I saw. I saw that today. Yeah, the concert coming

Erika Portanova Songer:   38:55
in the first concert in the Amphitheatre. It's not one I particularly would enjoy this heavy metal music. Ryan Ryan Miller, one of our colleagues here Sotherby's would love it. Um, so August 24th will have their first outdoor concert.

George E. O'Connell:   39:09
It's on August,

Erika Portanova Songer:   39:09
Yeah, Deftones D e f T o N E s Deftones Group. You know them?

George E. O'Connell:   39:15
I do not.

Erika Portanova Songer:   39:16
Ryan Miller of your listening. You'll know them anyway, but tickets go on. Go on sale this Friday at 1 p.m. Cool will be sure to look out for that, but definite check out our calendar will be continually feeding that with information and events as you may have

George E. O'Connell:   39:31
s o just do. Ah, remember the Harlem Globetrotters Air coming a Webster Bank a week from Friday on the 21st? Um, we also have a scout Ninja Marvel Night on the 29th that is again over the sound tigers over in Bridgeport. But check out our calendar. We're happy to say we again are on apple podcast.

Erika Portanova Songer:   39:58
Please do support us. Ascribe if you'd like. We love the support. Love the feedback. And also remember, we are day jobs are full

George E. O'Connell:   40:07
time realtors wanted William Pitt. Sotheby's in this Southport brokerage

Erika Portanova Songer:   40:13
writes Our contact information's loaded up here and you can call us What's our number again

George E. O'Connell:   40:17
for five for two or 3454424424

Erika Portanova Songer:   40:22
1354 See that two? 034241354 Well, we're learning our new bomb podcast

George E. O'Connell:   40:30
number. There's so many ways to contact believable

Erika Portanova Songer:   40:34
anyway, Thank you for listening.

George E. O'Connell:   40:36
And I am George E. O'Connell. The looks

Erika Portanova Songer:   40:40
and I am a Rica. Portanova songer the brains

George E. O'Connell:   40:44
and this is her brains. His looks, the podcast, the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the podcast host and their guests of this solely. Information shared has been professionally sourced and disseminated through the resources provided by the sponsoring real estate brokerage on the burial estate experiences. I'm not open. Welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen. We've got a fantastic show today. You can tell because Luke and I coordinated our outfits. I called him up this morning. I was like, Hey, you're gonna wear the float plane shirt today. You also wear blue jeans and he was like,

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