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Fairfield Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle

February 19, 2020 Erika Portanova Songer & George E. O'Connell Season 1 Episode 4
Her Brains His Looks Real Estate & Lifestyle Podcast
Fairfield Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle
Fairfield Real Estate Stats
Industry Focus - Al Strazza, Esq. Closing Process
Go-To-2 Nordic Fish, Beehive & Party Party
Cool Events
Her Brains His Looks Real Estate & Lifestyle Podcast
Fairfield Connecticut Real Estate & Lifestyle
Feb 19, 2020 Season 1 Episode 4
Erika Portanova Songer & George E. O'Connell

Erika "The Brains" and George "The Looks" cover the Town of Fairfield, CT in this week's episode. They talk about Fairfield's awesome beaches - from Jennings Beach to Penfield Beach and take their kids and dogs up to Lake Mohegan. The Industry Focus this week was their first live interview with Albert Strazza, Esq. from the Law Offices Of Ambrose & Strazza. Al talks to Erika and George about the Closing Process in a real estate transaction. Great interview!  For their Go-To-2 they check out a great sushi and fish market - Nordic Fish (they suggest a container of the salmon tartare.) They both went in also to check out a great in-town store The Beehive and found another store hidden within it, Party Party - both a must for gifts, custom furniture, women's accessories, stationary and customized invites. #hbhl #Realtor #realestate #GoTo2

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Erika "The Brains" and George "The Looks" cover the Town of Fairfield, CT in this week's episode. They talk about Fairfield's awesome beaches - from Jennings Beach to Penfield Beach and take their kids and dogs up to Lake Mohegan. The Industry Focus this week was their first live interview with Albert Strazza, Esq. from the Law Offices Of Ambrose & Strazza. Al talks to Erika and George about the Closing Process in a real estate transaction. Great interview!  For their Go-To-2 they check out a great sushi and fish market - Nordic Fish (they suggest a container of the salmon tartare.) They both went in also to check out a great in-town store The Beehive and found another store hidden within it, Party Party - both a must for gifts, custom furniture, women's accessories, stationary and customized invites. #hbhl #Realtor #realestate #GoTo2

Our Google Slide Presentation on Fairfield PDF:





Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/HerBrainsHisLooks?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=creatorshare)

Adrian Blackman:   0:00
welcome to her brains. His looks, real estate and lifestyle Podcast is hosted by two of the smartest and most attractive realtors in the business. Well, according to their mothers, ease and gentlemen, here's the brains off the operation. Erica porting over Songer and the looks George E. O'Connell.

George E. O'Connell:   0:26
You know what that music means, don't you, Erica? Oh, ay dio. What does it mean?

Erika Portanova Songer:   0:31
Welcome. Welcome to our her brains. His looks real stated lifestyle podcast. I am her brains a Rica Portanova Songer And you are

George E. O'Connell:   0:42
his looks. Cicely George E. O'Connell, Realtor for William Pitt Sotherby's out of Southport Harbor.

Erika Portanova Songer:   0:50
Yes, Mama. Realtor as well for both realtors eso This week we're going to focus on the town of Fairfield. Remember, Each week we focus on a town. We talk about all the cool stuff about this town's and the real estate fax and we do a go to two. We'll tell you about that a

George E. O'Connell:   1:07
second. You forgot her industry. Focus. This? Oh, yes. Very exciting At industry focuses this

Erika Portanova Songer:   1:14
week we have our first live interview with a partner in our industry. Will talk about that in a moment as well, So Ah, welcome. Welcome have every as well. And talk about fair feels a Fairfield. Most people think about fair Feli. Think about the beaches. Ah, we have our public beaches of Jennings Beach. We have Penafiel beach. I personally like Jennings Beach. Have a fantastic

George E. O'Connell:   1:36
playground there on South

Erika Portanova Songer:   1:38
Pine Creek. Um, we have Lake Mohegan. Great walking trails. Great. Nice lake.

George E. O'Connell:   1:44
Good place to bring your dog. Yeah, least dog rolls. And I think it could be unleashed certain, Like Jennings Beach on the off season. They have horses and dogs. You can bring your dog there, but I think it's supposed to be leashed, But I see a lot of unleashed dogs. I'm not sure. The heart and true rule of

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:05
Campbell. You know, I feel that rules. I'm a rule. Your Yeah. Um, but lately he can also the sprinkler park. They were great concession stand. So, um, because I know these things. Yes, Details. I need to know. Um, there you go. There you go. But I grew up going a Fairfield beaches my whole childhood so fancy. Oh, yeah, Very fancy. And I

George E. O'Connell:   2:29
were wise. Penfield, You're I mean I'm sorry. Jennings, your favorite.

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:32
The playground. No, literally because the plate for me personally, the playground, It's not on the beach, so you can make it to activities.

George E. O'Connell:   2:38
Oh, the one across the lot. Yes. So it

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:41
playground first, then beach. But his pen fields the pleasure. I was just fantastic. Is on the beach again. I'm going to the beach. Just be in the playground whole time.

George E. O'Connell:   2:49
I think it would be the other way around. One would think 11 way, but in

Erika Portanova Songer:   2:53
my experience has not been true. So, um, you know, But that's okay. Each of their own, as they saying. Right, Um, so we're gonna talk about the real estate stats

George E. O'Connell:   3:03
on right in. I think we are feeling a number you control. Hold on, please. As my new job s Oh, we're kicking right into the real estate stats. We always start off with the total number of closed sales.

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:20
Right. So we're gonna focus on we always focus on single family homes simply because condos just tend to dilute the information a little bit. And, uh, we just feel it's easier cleaner. Ah, information that we can share So single family home sales In the last two full counter years, 18 4019. So 2018 we had 730 units or single family homes, clothes or trade. And in 2019 we had 767 homes that closed.

George E. O'Connell:   3:50
And that's up about seven little over 7% for 18 over 19 over 18. Okay, seven

Erika Portanova Songer:   3:59
percent. Thank you. Ah, and Fairfield is a very neighborhood driven. Ah, town. A lot of times are but Fairfield I find in particular when we sell Fairfield when we sell it to our clients. You know, the first thing we have to ascertain is which market area, which neighborhood you want to be in?

George E. O'Connell:   4:18
This is a cool slide. We added for Fairfield. Yeah, I told you how many sold of that 7 67 in each neighborhood. There is some that aren't picked on MLS. So you do have the other category, right? Leading the charge you're gonna

Erika Portanova Songer:   4:34
ignore. The other category is leading. The charge is a university area. Now we have two universities and Fairfield, but currently it's focused on Fairfield University or second year in diversity being sacred heart. But when they say university area, the moment they are referring to the Fairfield University area. We had 100 28 houses that sold in that area in 2019.

George E. O'Connell:   4:56
Yeah, and the second in line. You had Greenfield Hill with 123 the beach area with 1 19 close sales and ending up the top four Strat field with 100 8

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:08
Right? So let's focus. So just for one moment, Greenfield Hill for those that are not from the area, reveal hills are further with north still up there. It's the it's the where the is the homes of the much bigger problems Land land lots. So you're talking north of one acre, you're talking to three acres and plus so a state's yes estates that much more their

George E. O'Connell:   5:28
summer stay. There are states down here that's Trail South Board in South Pine Creek area. But these air considered the Greenfield estate.

Erika Portanova Songer:   5:37
Yes, and they're known for their Ah, they're bigger portions of lamb there. So, um, the beach areas obvious. The Strat field area is closer to the Park Avenue sort of bridge. Portside, um, again, just different section of Fairfield's. So it's need to figure out where you want to focus when you're looking for houses in Fairfield. And then when you once you've determined the marketer, you want to stay on, stay in or living rather than that's when you hold in your search.

George E. O'Connell:   6:03
All right, The next slide, Hales. Just a kind of reiteration. Not exact numbers. But on the Google map, Um, how many homes in the area sold so

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:15
straight across section of the locations? Right. Okay, Fairfield average sale price. So everybody wants to know. Of course, the, uh you know what? They're gonna be spending what they're gonna be ultimately selling for. So 2018 the average sale price of single family homes sold 776 and 1009 198. So close to $777,000 was the average sale price in 0 18 and in 0 19 you had a lesser price point of 709,000 rounding up a little bit, so

George E. O'Connell:   6:48
yeah, there was a tip about 8 80.8% dip there.

Erika Portanova Songer:   6:55
Right. And I think we established that the was more houses. 0 18 board, but the higher

George E. O'Connell:   7:00
oh, higher priced typewriters, I mean, literally, just a few houses will throw it off. It looks a little more dramatic. I mean, it is. Don't get me wrong. 16 something 1000 looks so important. Dramatic. And by the way, the graphics. Thank you. Too cool. Uh, excel. Or was she

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:21
George's capabilities? He was very good at that. Um, okay, So fair fields of the single family, average days on market. Every time we list the property with a cellar, they're gonna ask us, How long will it take for my house to sell? So average days on market means from the moment the house goes live on the market until there's an accepted offer so that can be skewed based on when the listing agent changes.

George E. O'Connell:   7:44
A snappy this everywhere I do. But what if we have new people? They would if they did here last week and the first time ever. All right, well, we could go back.

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:53
I feel that a review of information is very helpful.

George E. O'Connell:   7:57
So what are the numbers

Erika Portanova Songer:   7:58
anyway? 2018 the average days on market. 76.9 of 77 days on market and 19 2091 days on market. A little bit longer to wait for your house to get an accepted offer,

George E. O'Connell:   8:11
a change of about 18%. We can obviously do the Mass. It's about 13 more days. Well, somebody did math so quickly in our

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:19
yes, that's George's strength. Okay, so ah, total volume of close sales. You'll see these billboards sometimes right with realtors or town saying they sold X amount of this year

George E. O'Connell:   8:29
is exciting. They're

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:31
bigger is better. We all know that, right? So, bigger numbers or better. 2018 we had 567. I'm gonna say $566 million in sales. 2019 we had 508 100 million $544 million say

George E. O'Connell:   8:48
a lot of commerce

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:49
a lot of calm without a check. My numbers, They're

George E. O'Connell:   8:51
half a 1,000,000,000 hot for 1,000,000,000. Not that.

Erika Portanova Songer:   8:54
Not bad. All right. Average percent of last list price. So we always point out last list price because, as you see, people will change their asking price for their home raisel servicer and list price, and they may Well, we like to call price adjustment one or two times. Three times, possibly who knows? So, um, this is a percentage of the House sells of their last list. Price. 2018 houses sold within 96.7% of their latest list price. So this would give you an expectation when you're going to sell in the following year. What you can expect.

George E. O'Connell:   9:27
This is where the graph is a little wacky, too, but it's 0.7%. Love graphs two

Erika Portanova Songer:   9:33
1019 96% of the last list prices What it's sold us so again, it's really also managing expectations. Yeah, for future self.

George E. O'Connell:   9:41
So in just a reminder, our Google slide Pdf is available as an attachment to our podcast on YouTube, a cz well as the apples and the Spotify eyes and the outcasts of the world. So look into the show notes and you'll see some clickable links you'll find they're just

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:04
think of us as your real state resource. This'll town in many other towns in the past, okay

George E. O'Connell:   10:11
to new resource ing moving on up there are alive in history

Erika Portanova Songer:   10:16
a little bit long. Okay, so our single current status We currently have 350 single family homes for sale in Fairfield average asking price one million, 3 277,046 ah 86 homes of 86 homes. Of those, 86 are listed between one and $2 million. Average listing price. 1,442,000 to 61. Of those 44 houses are over $2 million plus so average asking price. Four million, 117,000. We a lot. We have 50 56 homes that currently have accepted offers. Average, ask price or listing price. 7 685,057 and 51 homes have a deposit, which means they're in a fully executed contract phase and their average asked price. 736,004.

George E. O'Connell:   11:17
12. All right, Which brings us into our featured home so of the week.

Erika Portanova Songer:   11:24
We like to select one listing per town to feature, and we're gonna select 7347 34 Sasko Hill Road in Fairfield.

George E. O'Connell:   11:34
Oh, I said something creepy. Chinamen Seska. That's what I meant. I

Erika Portanova Songer:   11:39
know. I know what you meant. Asking price. $4.7 million.

George E. O'Connell:   11:45
It's quite large. Hosts

Erika Portanova Songer:   11:47
largest gorgeous of user spectacular 12 room federal cell Colonial, built in 1929 6900 square feet. That's four levels of living space. Six bedrooms, six full baths, 3/2 baths. The best part, my opinion, are the views you're looking at. The golf course. You've uses Software Harbor and Long Island Sound

George E. O'Connell:   12:10
for fueled, uh, country Club

Erika Portanova Songer:   12:12
here for a country club golf course. Very prestigious fabulous golf course that we have your ah, it's not easy to get into. Um, the listing detail of this could be found. Of course. You know you can call us. We can send the listing detail to you confined in a realtor dot com or any of the other real estate sites, but it is listed through our office here. It will you piss sotherby's in Southport? Um, beautiful home, beautiful house and, um, the nicest part of my opinions. Vintage 1929. The detail of yesteryear. But of course, today's amenities.

George E. O'Connell:   12:43
Yeah, just give us a call and we'll be glad to show you that four plus $1,000,000 home.

Erika Portanova Songer:   12:48
There you go.

George E. O'Connell:   12:49
Which brings us to our industry. Focus with Al Strada with the law offices of Ambrose and Strozzi. Here's our interview with Al.

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:00
All right, so we're excited to have our first industry partner here live with us in our studio. Al Strat za attorney out strata with Ambrose and Strata here in Fairfield. So welcome out. Hey,

Adrian Blackman:   13:13
thanks for having me. It's great to be

George E. O'Connell:   13:15
here. Great. Ah, welcome. Ah, Al is our industry focus this week we're concentrating on the closing process

Erika Portanova Songer:   13:23
in real estate attorneys and how to pick a great one. I highly recommend album working with him for years now, and it's important to have somebody good on your team. So, um, we had a couple sort of talking points were to go through Alan, of course. Jump in with anything that you can think of that might be entertaining. Tow us. Um, so as faras when you receive the contract, I guess, You know, obviously the realtor has done their part. They've gone through the inspections. Hopefully that point and you have the contract in hand and then talk us through the process of where you are with intervening with the client. And where do you start jumping in the process? And where's your help needed? Most

Adrian Blackman:   13:59
well, when normally when I get a broker contract, I'll review the broker contract in any a den Tums to it. See if there's any issues regarding inspections or they reserve the right to do inspections. If we're getting a mortgage, I will usually go a bar contract as it has more protections in the contract, in terms of mortgage commit commitment, contingencies and such

George E. O'Connell:   14:23
as opposed to the four page standard. S M L A R M L s contract.

Adrian Blackman:   14:28
Exactly. And I could make, especially when my clients a buyer. I can add more representations. And I was like the buyers, the seller to make in terms of ah, maybe underground storage tanks, you know, condition of the premises use. It'll give me the opportunity to do a title search, which I've been doing since the nineties. Literally go to the towns myself, like anyone close Westport Fairfield. Um, actually, all over the state, I do. But I'll check Thea encumbrances and maybe some of the covenants and restrictions that are important to me. I'll look for a ah survey because it surveys worth is worth 1000 words. I'll compare the survey with the legal description. Check what? Open mortgages, our taxes, maybe sewer sewer use fees. Who are assessments in such

George E. O'Connell:   15:19
sten leans and measure. Yeah, I look for the

Adrian Blackman:   15:23
coverage is a lot of times I only find one mortgage or maybe one mortgage in the lock, But I'm really looking for issues with use or maybe a gap in the chain or maybe an issue with the title.

Erika Portanova Songer:   15:36
So another question that clients always have is tthe e mortgage continues, See date. So I represent the cellar and they said we will. When the day comes and goes, Is a deal done? I said, Well, well, not really, because when we have that mortgage continues, the date is usually some outstanding conditions. So do you want? Explain how the process works when you have to request an extension for the morgue? Mortgage continues, See? But yet the deal is still strong and still viable. I think it's hard for sellers. Understand? You can't get a complete mortgage approval three weeks out, if you

Adrian Blackman:   16:04
will exact. Exactly. They really want that they can add. Time is of the essence language. That's, ah, I guess term of art where it would mean if you don't date certain times certain. If you don't extend this contingency, then ah, it's done and and the deal goes firm, meaning that the pot that's no longer refundable with mortgage commitment contingency dates from a seller's perspective. They're looking to have a firm deal as soon as they can, so that day, so important to them. But they have to understand that the mortgage application process is very difficult for the buyers to navigate, especially when they're dealing with underwriters that they have no contact with the appraisers that have no contact with the buyer in the bank. And there's a lot of, um, a lot of back and forth, so there's never really a firm commitment, even when you get a mortgage commitment, because the bank can always not honor the commitment. So there's a little bit of, ah gray area there and his attorneys, we do our best. Thio, I guess, managed everyone's expectations accordingly. So if I'm representing a buyer, I'm going to say, Well, you can drop your mortgage commitment contingency But here are the issues that we have open most 95% of the time. It's a verification of employment or they want to look at your taxi terms again or they're looking for, you know, updated documents like your bank statements and such. If I'm representing a seller, I'm always getting peppered with extension request from the buyer's attorney,

George E. O'Connell:   17:36
of course, and I don't know it's their

Adrian Blackman:   17:38
job. They're doing their job. But that can be Ah, like anything can be abused and they'll try toe extend the mortgage commitment. Contingency date to the day of closing, which is a loose, every contract, meaning it's not really a contract. So that's always a tension point. And there are attorneys in the business that like to just keep extending those, and they minimize their buyers risk to zero. They protect their money, all the deposit money on deposit money all the way to the data closing. That's not how it's supposed to be because as a seller's attorney, my cellars are a buyer on another transaction. And they have, um, you know, you can't keep kicking the can down the road because it has a domino effect, so I don't really have a clear cut answer for you on that.

Erika Portanova Songer:   18:19
And there I don't think one exists. I'm just It's nice to hear you know how you explain that. I think what's important to is when you have those extension requests made because you don't have a full clear to close, which we just realized we don't ever get. It's nice to know what those conditions are. Their outstanding if what I consider to be very nip, typical or minimal. You know, that's fine, right? Verification of a deposit that just went through the counter, whatever it may be. But I think you know, full disclosure and transparency is makes anybody feel lot better.

Adrian Blackman:   18:46
That's correct. A lot of times, if I'm representing the cellar on, I asked the buyer's attorney what's outstanding. And if he tells me something like the appraisal, I'll say, Well, the appraisal should have been done a month ago. Why are we not pushing this down? Because you're contractually obligated to, you know, work towards getting your mortgage commitment. They're dragging their feet. Then there's an issue. Someone

Erika Portanova Songer:   19:07
right, right, that's a red flag. Have to listen to So, um, negotiating some inspection issues, I can say personally, having worked without a lot, um, I negotiate. I like to think that I negotiate my all my inspection issues very well and get him done. However, when I bring out into its because I truly can't do any more than from my Realtor position, and I do need his help. And that's when he steps in and saves the day or tries to save the day. I

Adrian Blackman:   19:35
don't know about saving the day, but just trying t o everyone at the table to realize that one. You're buying a used product, you're not gonna have everything perfect. And there's a certain type of buyer that would like to buy a brand new house at a used price point. And it's just not gonna happen. So once the another attorney, the buyer's attorney gets involved. And if it's a seasoned attorney and a realistic attorney, then everyone can. Everyone can come to the to the table. And if both sides are a little bit upset about the way things went down, that it's probably a good deal.

George E. O'Connell:   20:11
That's so you won't say yes, both ever to come out of the deal, right? Not winning something?

Adrian Blackman:   20:17
Yeah, if there'll ever. Everyone's not everyone who can get the shiny red bicycle. Um, so that's what we try to do. Keep them all just basically happened.

Erika Portanova Songer:   20:25
Yeah, yeah, and get it done. I mean, the goal is always the same right to get the transaction done and closed properly and information.

Adrian Blackman:   20:32
My job is not to re negotiate. What, right? Because you're the negotiator. You've put the deal together. You brought all the buyers and sellers for the table. My job is to enable it to get done while protecting the my clients legal, you know legal rights and represent them to the best of my ability. Sometimes our views, Nate may not exactly line up right, but there's always a happy medium that we could find. If there's not, then we'll have a discussion about it because there's, you know, there's multiple agency rolls here,

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:05
right? And the key is that ever your job, too, and not get in the way. So, um,

George E. O'Connell:   21:09
kind of leads us into our show notes a little bit about, you know, when they're not meeting in the middle or coming out without the shiny red bike is house. So what is your best closing story that didn't close?

Adrian Blackman:   21:25
That didn't close? Um,

George E. O'Connell:   21:28
I don't know. We had one

Adrian Blackman:   21:30
that actually did close, and it was, uh, don't have

George E. O'Connell:   21:34
audio without eyes in order. That

Erika Portanova Songer:   21:38
was a difficult. That was a very difficult one challenging.

Adrian Blackman:   21:41
That was a very difficult one. Um, I have one right now that that didn't close and it was a transaction where my clients acted as, ah, um, the mortgage ease. They put some mortgages out on the property. And that gentleman, um, basically reneged on a lot of different deals, and he's left the state. So now we haven't closed in that transaction. There was a buyer on that transaction, and we're going to have to foreclose on those mortgages and then complete the house on on our room. Um, and on the other side of that, uh, they were in a transaction where they were the owner of the property, my client's same clients. They were had engaged this certain individual to be the contractor on a ah, basically a new renovation. And he did the same thing. He took a lot of funds and left town, and my clients were able to ah finish the property on their own wind, and we ended up selling it. So there's a lot of I was in this. Everybody's a good guy until they're not. So he always of the trust but verify. And my client's fantastic people just like, man, this was a really good experience in terms of figuring out how bad things can get.

George E. O'Connell:   22:56
Now that foreclosure process in your story does it, Speedy eight. In that case,

Adrian Blackman:   23:02
take. It's gonna take a while. Take awhile. It's gonna take some time.

George E. O'Connell:   23:05
It's gonna take your average foreclosure time.

Adrian Blackman:   23:08
Yeah, like 4 to 6 months at least.

George E. O'Connell:   23:10
Nothing you can now. Jeez, not

Adrian Blackman:   23:11
really. I don't want to take, you know that I don't want to get into the particulars of the deal.

George E. O'Connell:   23:15
Understood? All right. All right. So, uh, I think, uh, we appreciate you stopping by.

Adrian Blackman:   23:22
Yeah, I'll come by whenever

George E. O'Connell:   23:23
awesome. Because where you have definitely more questions. But our podcasts have been going a little long,

Erika Portanova Songer:   23:29
and we always needed a good attorney. Ah, conversation. So, for those in need, a fantastic real state attorney, Al Strat Za from Ambrose and Strata here in Fairfield and on our slides and our website, right George will be all the detailed information

George E. O'Connell:   23:43
attached to the podcast is Google Slides and Al's information will be there. He is located at 1100 Kings Highway East. As we said in Fairfield, he can be reached at 203 333 2116.

Adrian Blackman:   23:59
Thank you very much.

Erika Portanova Songer:   24:00
Thanks. Thank you. Okay, here we go. We're back. That was Elst Raza. So you have all the information you need.

George E. O'Connell:   24:11
Yeah. Thanks again. Now for coming out. Awesome. Really? Charged me up on That was cool.

Erika Portanova Songer:   24:17
So I realized we were listening to that. I, uh we spoke about Fairfield is sort of jumped in with the beaches, but we've got to say one really important thing about Fairfield in the beginning. George.

George E. O'Connell:   24:26
What did you forget that it

Erika Portanova Songer:   24:29
is true? I for so one of our while Many great features here in town is, of course, our train stations. We have to train stations, and we're very popular commuter town. So

George E. O'Connell:   24:40
good point. A lot

Erika Portanova Songer:   24:41
of yet a lot of reasons why people move here or one of the reasons is, of course, our access or convenience to New York City and to the train. So we had our original train station, which has been here forever, and then last what? 10 years they built our Fairfield metro, which is closer to Kings Highway, you know, sort of Brewster's. Um yeah, Brewster street area. Right? Yes. So, um, so

George E. O'Connell:   25:07
BlackRock lower BlackRock term. But it's Yep.

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:10
So having a second transition has been massively fantastic because park has always been an issue with the original translation. So, again, we offer to train stations here in Fairfield. And being on the commuter line is really important for a lot of people that require that, you know, that work access. So

George E. O'Connell:   25:28
and there's tons of parking, you know, with the metro

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:30
with a new one is

George E. O'Connell:   25:31
it's It's amazing how much Birkin.

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:33
Just great. And of course, And of course, downtown. Fearful. We spoke about Justin a Segway into our go to to in a moment, but our downtown Fairfield Great. We have tons of restaurants, tons of bar areas, tons of shops, boutiques. Um,

George E. O'Connell:   25:46
can't wait to feature the woman here today. That was cool store.

Erika Portanova Songer:   25:49
I was. So that brings us to our

George E. O'Connell:   25:53
go to two and advance the slide, please. Oh, right. She's back. I'm

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:00
back. I'm gonna get this, I swear.

George E. O'Connell:   26:03
Well, let's talk about Nordic fish because we go to it often.

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:07
George and I eat way had lunch there today, and maybe I have Maybe I was there yesterday,

George E. O'Connell:   26:12
and I'm the way out. He handed me some swordfish chili I have in the grab and go case, but we'll talk about Nordic fish and our experiences Whites, our favorite sushi place in Fairfield.

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:27
So our experiences are vast, since George and I probably have lunch there like three times a week. But don't tell anybody that, uh,

George E. O'Connell:   26:33
Rico pays. Yeah, don't

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:34
worry. We'll talk about that later. Okay, so Nordic Fish is ready to owner's yard are it's a Norwegian descent. The name and Frank. That's who we saw today was Frank, but out

George E. O'Connell:   26:45
of Frank's wanna handed me my sword Fish chili?

Erika Portanova Songer:   26:47
Yep. So and they're great. So we go there for lunch. They have, Ah, hi. Top tables in the front where you can grab what you like, you know, take out style and eat their or bring back to your office or wherever, Um, but a lot of the and they have a big showcase of fish that they sell really high quality fish yard. Our was telling me that they had ah fatty bluefin last weekend. It completely sold out was really popular. George, you're like a fish expert. You probably appreciate that more than I understand that. Um, but he was excited to tell me about it, so

George E. O'Connell:   27:21
I was excited to hear, uh,

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:25
but they really take Frank and yard are again. The owners of Nordic fish really take a lot of pride in the quality of the fish that they sell. They have an on staff. Ah, sushi chef Chef there, who makes a sushi? Which is what typically Georgia again by tip. Let me we get every time we get the sushi may get our, um George, I have this obsession with the salmon tartare,

George E. O'Connell:   27:46
salmon tartare, capers, red onions

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:49
basically inhale it with a spoon made

George E. O'Connell:   27:51
little scoop over ritz crackers. Just

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:53
we have a time to even do the cracker

George E. O'Connell:   27:55
Part of that fish and chips, they're thio is well, pretty amazing. They

Erika Portanova Songer:   27:59
have every day, they have a take out menu that changes periodically. And, um, you know, prepared foods for taking home for dinner in the evenings. Ah, but I think that they're they're challenge, if you will. Is a lot of people don't know that they serve lunch there and again in the takeout capacity. So our jobs tell you that not only is there fresh fish fabulous to get fish market. Thank you. Um, but they have lunch in. They prepared foods, too. Pick up or eat there, so please check it out. You want to share the details of where they are?

George E. O'Connell:   28:30
Yeah, they are right on the post road at 14 99. There. Open Monday through Friday, 9 to 7 on the week on Saturday, 9 to 6 and on Sunday, 10 to 5. They're kind of

Erika Portanova Songer:   28:43
right near the near the fearful university bookstores use as a landmark, and the best part is they have curbside pickup. So cause parking be a little bit challenging on nice days on the pope of right there, that post road section. So but they're fantastic. So it's a personal favorite of ours,

George E. O'Connell:   28:57
and all that information again will be in our ghoul slide link. And the second part of our go to two is another awesome store. It is the beehive, and there's kind of a mint off. The terminology is right. A pop up store inside to be Yeah, called Party, Party, Party, party. But first, let's hit the beach, huh?

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:19
Yes. A beehive was great. So

George E. O'Connell:   29:21
slide advance, please. One day. That's why you like

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:28
me, George? Any constant reminding and need to be on your

George E. O'Connell:   29:32
two delusional time. Tons of photos will be uploading of the Beehive

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:36
s. So they had it first. So they have, Um But they had moved. Actually, they were a put on post road awhile a while back. And now they're on Sanford Street right across the Fearful Theatre Company. And the best part is that their own private parking lot. So again, parking, coming, challenging on the nice days here in Fairfield. So

George E. O'Connell:   29:53
Oh, and on their part of the turn. Stupid vision. But

Erika Portanova Songer:   29:56
that's just his key, guys. They have her own parking lot, so and, Senator, school inside rescues the beehive is great. They have tons of housewares, if you will goods for the house. Um, any guaranteed how? Um, if you need a housewarming party gift guaranteed gift to get there, they do furniture. Nobody knows that. They sell furniture and they sell custom made furniture.

George E. O'Connell:   30:21
Custom made furniture. You can pick your fabric. So there's a whole section.

Erika Portanova Songer:   30:25
Yeah. Ah, fabric. Um, from I say fabric samples. Thank you. Um, but the stuff was great. That a lot of a couple specific for Fairfield. Um, they had this general housewares, house goods, candles, books, lots of throw pillows.

George E. O'Connell:   30:41
Again, we'll be updating our slide and, well, you Congar a inside peek into the beehive. But inside the beehive is another cool kind of ah sub store. I'm not really on a pop up store called Party, Party, Party, Party. But that's a nifty little corner. And the front right is You walk in?

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:00
Yep, and owned by Mary Thornton. And we spoke to a lovely woman therein and Karen today. And they do the things you find stationary invitations and event planning, which I don't think people always know that do event planning there. But they're big things. Seems to be their personalized stationery to do a lot of bridal. Ah, wedding invitations. That type of stationary, right? Um, yeah, so it definitely check it out. And they again. They have their their store, if you will, Within the beehive and the Beehive stores Want to do shut out to Leslie and Sandra. That's L E s L E y. Not the

George E. O'Connell:   31:34
way yet,

Erika Portanova Songer:   31:36
not the III. So they're the owners of Beehive, and we have the opportunity to speak to Leslie today when we stop by the store today, so ah, check it out. It's on Sanford Street. What's the address? 79 Sanford Street. And again, they're open seven days a week and have your own private parking. Um,

George E. O'Connell:   31:55
and they'll be updating their website soon. But for now, take a look at the pictures were going to drop in our social media as well as the updated slides. Great. And then with that brings us to Well, well, of course.

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:10
In case you actually want to speak to George or myself, perhaps. I don't know. You need a real estate.

George E. O'Connell:   32:15
We gather some shorts. We

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:17
did. And that's my head shot from a few years ago. I've never gonna change. I'll be selling real saying 95 keep this

George E. O'Connell:   32:25
head shot. We are again Realtors at William Pitt Sotherby's in Southport Harbor. Uh, contact info was there, and that leads us to the her brains, his looks, picks of the week for events.

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:41
Yes, so, ah, we always will have on our site will always have the events in the area. Ah, but we like to highlight a couple that we like to add on every week. So we have. Let's see. What

George E. O'Connell:   32:53
are you gonna pick

Erika Portanova Songer:   32:55
up my thing? Hold on. But Okay, um, so we have Ah,

George E. O'Connell:   33:03
come on. So on February 29th at the Sound Tiger game at the arena down in Bridgeport, you have Scout Ninja Marvel Night. That again is on the 29th of February. Marvel character, Spider Man Hoke, the black widow. Thor, Go out and check that out.

Erika Portanova Songer:   33:23
Now that I have the right sheet in front of me, I can tell you what I was. Okay. Sorry about that. February 20th. Back in a little bit. There's, um, learn about the therapeutic riding with the Pegasus program. So it's a program I volunteer for. Years ago, I added, I didn't tell you about

George E. O'Connell:   33:36
that. I don't know what, that Yes, it's OK.

Erika Portanova Songer:   33:38
It's It's a Horace. Back to horses. It's an equestrian riding program for therapeutic riding program for people with special needs and disabilities that you can learn how to be volunteers for it and having a writing background. I've done that before. It's a fantastic program. Ah, at local Barnes in the area. But we'll move off the horses February 21st calling all night owls nighttime walk for Children eight and up and adults at 6 p.m. At the Audubon Society here

George E. O'Connell:   34:05
are kind of miffed. First, it

Erika Portanova Songer:   34:07
really is. If you have a kid, is interesting night time. Things

George E. O'Connell:   34:10
are there are rules, and, well,

Erika Portanova Songer:   34:11
we help thinking about the here. Owls. That's the whole point, um, and then are are running race. They're starting April 11th at 9 a.m. A. Jenny's Beach. You have a beach bunny, five K open to Children and regular runners. And then may 3rd. They're having their first annual beachside bridal show at 12 noon at Penfield Beach. So that's the first image in that. They're so, um, when one more thing. One book, one town, every town does a one book, one town where they

George E. O'Connell:   34:40
whatever. I don't know what the

Erika Portanova Songer:   34:41
Yeah, I didn't tell you this, either. George. They select a book as a town to represent, and they bring in the author to represent the book. Talk about the book there for Q and A. Ah, and this year's selection was in running with Sherman, the donkey with a heart donkey with a heart of a hero by Christopher McDougall. Ah, February 23rd at 11 a.m. It fearful you

George E. O'Connell:   35:04
that about wraps up our go to I'm sorry are her brains his looks, calendar, pics, events picks those around our website, her brains, his looks dot com

Erika Portanova Songer:   35:13
Yep. And I am her brains.

George E. O'Connell:   35:16
What is your name? Ah,

Erika Portanova Songer:   35:17
a Rica Portanova Songer.

George E. O'Connell:   35:20
I am his looks George E. O'Connell. Lastly, another shot out towel for coming in. Thank you, Al

Erika Portanova Songer:   35:27
Strata. And next week we'll be live next Tuesday. We're gonna feature the town of Stratford. So thank you for listening. Thank you for the support. And please reach out any comments or input or thoughts Love to hear from you.

George E. O'Connell:   35:41
Take care, guys.

Adrian Blackman:   35:44
The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the podcast host and their guests are there's solely the information shared has been professionally sourced and disseminated through the resources provided by the sponsoring real estate brokerage and their real estate experiences.

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